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June 8th – Scenic New York Tour

To register please RSVP to Duffy Miller via email at pethmill@comcast.net 

Start Location: The tour will begin at the Charlotte/Essex Ferry crossing in Charlotte, Vermont. Participants should plan to arrive around 9.00am to register/sign waivers, get wrist bands and purchase tickets for the ferry crossing. The Ferry crosses from Vermont to New York on the hour, and from New York to Vermont on the half-hour. So, if we’re lined up and ready soon after 9am, we should be able to cross as a group – “first to board” at the 10am crossing to New York. The crossing, 3 miles, takes approximately 25 minutes and the costs are Driver and Car $10.75/Adult Passenger $4.50.

Route: Stu Friedman will be leading us through some scenic roads in NY, through Lake Placid, and ending at Livingood’s Restaurant and Brewery in Peru, NY. There will be a stop at the Whiteface Ski mountain area for restroom breaks and pictures. Click here for more route information,

Lunch / Meal: Livingood’s Restaurant and Brewery is ready to host us for lunch.Here’s a link to the restaurant. You can order off the menu and will be billed separately for your order. The drive will end at the restaurant – lunch is on your own (with friends, of course), and people will be free to follow their own favorite routes back to Vermont and home. Livingood’s address is 697 Bear Swamp Rd, Peru, NY 12972. Peru NY is very near Plattsburg, for planning purposes.

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Green Mountain Region member, Rob Wadsworth, had the pleasure of attending the recent 2019 Luftgekühlt in Los Angeles. He was good enough to share some of his photos, click here to check them out.

Green Mountain Region Board Meetings. Are you interested in “attending” our Board meetings? The Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6.30pm EDT via video conference. If you would like to join us please let Carl Wulfestieg (cwwulf@mac.com) know and he will provide you with the log-in protocols using the Zoom Video Conferencing application.

The President’s May Letter, Carl Wulfestieg

After days of rain and gray weather, the members of the Green Mountain Region anticipated the first drive of the 2019 season with some trepidation. Our tour leaders, Duffy Miller and Al Iuppa had designed a two-start tour with plans to converge at Tessie’s Tavern in Bethel, Vermont for lunch and a chance for the membership to meet new members who had joined GMR during the past winter. 

A total of approximately 40 cars converged on the two start locations on a cloudy, damp and foggy day, but with the exception of a few remaining frost heaves and potholes, we all had a great drive on an early spring day in the Vermont countryside. Most of the trees and perennial plantings were still wearing the brown of winter, but the fields were filled with green and the streams were brimming from rain and the remaining snowmelt.Thanks to tourmeisters Al Iuppa and Duffy Miller!  

We welcomed 17 new members and affiliates, many of whom were able to attend this first drive. I didn’t have a chance to meet every new member, but I look forward to seeing everyone during the 2019 driving season. I strongly believe that new members can bring new ideas to our group, which will enrich the experience for everyone.  I encourage you all to contact me or any other member of our board, if there are questions or ideas to share.  We were able to have a short business meeting following lunch, and future Green Mountain and Zone 1 events were discussed. I again discussed Treffen Vermont, and I had a chance to more fully explain some of the jobs volunteers would be doing. Treffen Vermont registration will open in June, and I anticipate that the 120 spots will fill rapidly. 

Dave Whittall mentioned that he is investigating DE instructor training, and we talked about members attending driving events organized by other regions in our zone. I also recommended that everyone look more frequently at the Green Mountain Region website, as Al has made certain that there are links to Zone 1 and PCA sites.  Best regards, drive safely, and remember it’s not just the cars, it’s the people!

Carl Wulfestieg  cwwulf@mac.com

Would you like to have a Green Mountain Name Badge?

If so, name tags can be ordered by emailing a request to our Treasurer, Christina McCaffrey at Christina.McCaffrey@uvmhealth.org. The cost is $15 per badge. Be sure to spell your name(s) correctly!  All members and spouses/ significant others are encouraged to use them on tours and at club events.

Welcome New Club Members

The Green Mountain Region membership continues to grow, please extend a welcome to the following new members who have joined since our last update.

  • Michael & Kathy Rouleau, Barre, Silver 1998 Boxster
  • Robert Joyal , West Windsor, Silver 2019 718 Boxster GTS
  • Kenneth Petrocca, Wardsboro, White1975 911 Targa
  • Edward Ryan, Cuttingsville, Red 1998 Boxster
  • Stephen Soule, Waterbury, Blue 2000 Boxster

If you are a new member and we have not welcomed you in a GMT PCA Newsletter please email Sandy Gilmour at sgilmour@comcast.net.  It is also a good idea to ensure that your membership status and data are correct by checking on PCA.org/members