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2017 Covered Bridges Tour

Pictures from the covered bridges tour and BBQ from Saturday, August 26

2017 Picnic at the Bosch's

Great time at the home of Dennis and Judy Bosch at their fabulous home in Wings Point on the shores of Lake Champlain on Sept. 10. Thanks to Val Swinchoski for taking these great pictures.

2017 Waterville Tour

Awesome pictures from the Green Mountain PCA gathering at Rick and Val Swinchoski's.

2016 Fall Foliage Tour

Enjoy the photos from the fantastic October 8 fall foliage
tour and annual meeting.

2016 Chittenden County Tour

Photos from the September 24 Chittenden-Al's French Frys Mini-Tour

2016 GMT BBQ at Rick and Val’s on South Hero Island

Members had a great time at Val and Rick Swinchoski’s great home on the shores of Lake Champlain on South Hero Island. Great BBQ, great comraderie, great fun, great cars!

2016 Porsche Parade

Photos from Porsche Parade Held in
Jay Peak, Vermont
June, 2016

2016 Killington Spring Meeting

We had a great 2016 Spring members meeting on May 14th at the Grand Resort in Killington.

We had 58 GMT members joining us for the meeting and lunch, and 23 cars participated in the tour from Killington to Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, Vermont. Followed by -- I'm told -- some good old-fashioned GMT revelry in the Silo Distillery, located across the lot from the brewery.

Thanks to all of you who attended. And special thanks to Vice-President and events chair Carl Wulfestieg for all his tireless work in putting it all together.

Check out the photos

2015 Mad River Valley Lunch and Tour

The Green Mountain Chapter of the PCA met for lunch and a tour at Arlene Diesenhouse and David Steinman's place in Waitsfield, VT. We had a tour of David's awesome garage followed by lunch and a great tour of the Mad River Valley

2015 Jay Peak Tour

The Green Mountain Chapter of the PCA got a chance to preview the Jay Peak resort, which will be the site of the 2016 our PCA national event, the 2016 Porsche Parade.

2015 Spring Member's Meeting

View great photos of people, cars and horses from the  GMT PCA May 16, 2015 annual meeting and tour at Basin Harbor!

2014 Fall Tour

The Green Mountain Region held its annual meeting and fall foliage tour on October 11,2014. It was a spectacular day and ride. Many thanks to Pete and Ellen Arnold for mapping out the route and to Carl Wulfestieg for the lunch arrangements at Bailiwicks in St. Johnsbury. Many members said it was one of the best tours ever.

Porsche Zone 1 Concours - Sept 2014

50 cars were lovingly touched up for the September 13, 2014 Saturday morning Concours in a dewy field near Basin Harbor Inn’s Red Mill restaurant, kicking off the weekend Zone 1 Concours, Rally and BBQ. The event was masterfully conducted by Zone 1 Concours and Rally Chair Botho von Bose (who entered his new Macan). Concours categories included People’s Choice and Street Class.


2013 GMT Rally at Woodstock

Bill Hayman and Carl Wulfestieg organized an exceptionally successful rally this summer in and around the Woodstock area of Vermont. Of course, as is the great strength of GMT's members, the socializing and the food were outstanding once again. A BBQ was held at Carl's gorgeous house, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect for it, or for the rally drive itself. Cars came from nearby states, and from some not so nearby ones, too. And, the usual balance of new cars, vintage cars, and old cars made for a rich parade of interesting Porsches zipping around the countryside, although nobody committed an act of speeding or any other traffic infraction in the process. It was amazing.

2013 Island Tour & BBQ

GMT's activities this year have been truly marvellous, with each event getting to be even more fun than the previous one (Impossible!! They have all been fantastic.). The 7th Annual Island Tour & BBQ saw 33 Porsche cars appear, but many more than double that number of people were in attendance. As has been our luck to date, the weather was amazing, the food was amazing (and abundant), the people were amazing, the cars were amazing, but then I state the obvious about all of this. Rick and Val are generous and accommodating to a fault, plus they invited participants to stay over night, with a choice of either a room in their new waterfront house, or a swoopy boat to stay in - courtesy of Zancy who spent many hours driving her boat to and from the site. The Tour itself cruised through the picturesque islands of the north part of Lake Champlain, with a stop at an artisan gallery half-way through. It was an incredible sight to see that many Porsche cars lined up along the side of the road, and it created a safety factor, too. All of the summer vacation traffic slowed right down to take a look at the row of cars, and this made it easier for us temporary pedestrians to cross over to the gallery without getting seriously killed. If you enjoy great social interaction, fabulous food, a beautiful site, and all of this as a destination when driving your shiny Porsche, then GO TO THIS EVENT NEXT YEAR! This came in the mail from Rick and Val, "Hey All, can we have you send out a Thank you from us, to the club at large for all the great food! The Awesome attendance, and all the help from the ladies and gentlemen setting up and cleaning up. We appreciate it." Next year the same help will be needed . . .

2013 Fairlee to St. Johnsbury to Montpelier

It was a great drive, a great day, good food, what's not to like. Jim and Kay did a terriffic job of setting up this delightful drive - plus an interesting half-way stop - we drove on again and then had lunch in a 200 year old mill on a mill pond. After that, off to Montpelier. Perfect.

2013 Watkins Glen

Peter Ohlweiler, one of GMT's members, attended the recent PCA club races at Watkins Glen, NY. These are his pictures, but informational commentary by him will follow as soon as he submits it. In the mean time, this is part of the promotional info Zone 1 sent out earlier: May 30th - June 2nd, 2013 Watkins Glen International, Watkins Glen, NY There is no better way to help support Zone 1, than by volunteering for this year’s Clash at the Glen Club Race. Held at one of the best and most historic racetracks in the country, the Clash brings together club members for 3 days of fun and exciting racing, which you can be a part of. Volunteers are what enable us to put on one of the best club races in PCA. . .

2013 Spring Member's Meeting

The Spring Members' Meeting this year took place at the Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, VT. It was a good meeting, well attended, and well enjoyed. We ate well, we visited well, we enjoyed driving our cars happily on a two-state tour (Vermont and New York) that included a ferryboat ride over Lake Champlain.

2018 Spring Tour

May 5 Annual Spring Meeting - Great Success!

Photos from the great May 5, 2018 tour - loop from Capitol Plaza Hotel to Craftsbury and Craftsbury Commons and Back following the annual spring new members meeting. Thanks to Duffy and Bernie Miller for organizing and executing, and for these photos!

It was pretty cool getting a police escort and traffic guidance out of Montpelier - another Duffy touch!

2012 Holiday Party

The Green Mountain Region's holiday party near Jeffersonville, VT. was held on October 20. Although not as large a group as last year's, the 40 persons on hand (plus assorted dogs) felt that this was a good sized gathering, more conducive to easy chat and relaxation. The weather couldn't have been better, the food couldn't have been better. What's not to like? Thank you, Zancy.

2012 Walpole Tour and BBQ

GMT got together with the North Country Region of New Hampshire in Walpole for a grand picnic and tour of the remaining foliage of the season. A good turnout from both Regions suggests that cooperative ventures like this could become a habit in the future. A lot of people took pictures of the group from the road. Who has such pictures? I would like to post some here. David Howard of the Green Mountain Region and Robert Kimball of the North Country Region hosted this BBQ on David’s lawn located in the center of Walpole, N

2012 Norwich Tour

This might have been called the Foliage Tour, except that the leaves were mostly on the ground instead of on the trees where you normally want to see them, but there is no such thing as a bad Porsche drive with a bunch of friends, so this trip was fine. There were two tours, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with the Annual General Meeting of the GMT in the middle. We elected a new slate of officers for the next two years while having lunch. This tour was not held last year, because it would have immediately followed hurricane Irene. Half the roads were washed out then and plenty of people were in grave trouble, so it would have been a poor idea to zoom around in fancy Porsches at such a time. So, this year we drove twice as fast to make up for last year. (In deference to our region's president, I must point out that the previous sentence is meant as a joke.) Funny weather this past summer - dry and hot - which must have affected the way the leaves on the trees behaved. Oddly, there were more colors and leaves farther to the north, even in Canada.

2012 GMT Rally

On Sunday, August 19, the Green Mountain Region of the PCA held a rally around the Cambridge area in Vermont. The weather was perfect, the roads were perfect, the scenic route was perfect, the organizers were perfect, the participants were perfect, the food was perfect, our result (seventh place) wasn't perfect, but we had just as much fun as anyone else and finished in the top half. We only got lost once, which seemed to be about average. The rally became known as the, "Cambridge Clover Leaf," because the participants were given routes that shared the initial 'stem' of the clover, but then they diverged into three varying loops, hence the clover leaf. No car went upside down, hardly any parts fell off, nobody wound up in jail, there were fun trivia questions to be answered about things along the road. It was a nice event. It's a lot of work to stage a rally. This one was sponsored by Bill Hayman, along with an army of volunteers who did everything from help discover potential routes, to doing the timing, to fetching the food. It would not have happened without the team. Next year a rally will not happen without new volunteers pitching in to discover venues, map them out, etc., etc., etc. Any ideas for a location? More photos to follow.

2012 North Hero Island Tour

Val and Rick Swinchowski of the Green Mountain Region of the PCA once again hosted this tour and lavish BBQ at their place on the shores of Lake Champlain. The parade of cars, led by the hosts, wended its way around the islands and made us all wish that we lived there. The vintages of the Porsche cars spanned 46 years, the wines maybe something similar. There was so much food! The scores of participants were as friendly as usual and the only complaint was that at one point everybody had to go home. The weather was great. Anybody with some energy can put together a thing like this - what's your idea? We even stayed over night. Val and Rick are wonderful hosts, no question.

2012 Double Gap Tour

Green Mountain Region PCA members Lou Krieg and Ann Pettyjohn hosted the "Double Gap Tour" consisting of the Middlebury Gap and also the Brandon Gap on June 16. ~20 cars showed up on a fantastic day and nobody complained very much about the tightly winding roads and stunning scenery. At the end of the run we had lunch, of course, and I'm starting to get into this. There were some really sweet cars at this event; I drooled. Halfway through the ride we stopped for a break and that was a good idea, because it gave us a better opportunity to examine the cars. During the break all of them were lined up neatly, whereas, at the parking lot we started from, they were all over the place in a jumbled fashion. That happens, so the rest stop was great. During lunch I left a large, dark chocolate bar in my car. This was a grave mistake in the broiling sun, and when I returned after lunch there was a puddle of chocolate that had oozed all the way through my light beige carpeting. When home, I removed the central carpet section. For $15 at a place in Sherbrooke, QC, all of the chocolate was removed completely and the carpet looked totally like new. Amazing all around. More photos to come.

2012 Spring Members Meeting

Unlike 2011, the weather in 2012 was terrific. Nevertheless, the turnout was smaller than last year, although still quite good. Jennifer Webb, PCA's Zone 1 rep gave a presentation about the larger world of Porsche. Following this we did some voting and conducted a little business, then everyone in turn stood up and introduced their significant other, if present (most were), and finally offered a description of their Porsche and this part typically took longer. . . It was nice to see in person many people who were new, or to see others who some of us had not met before. Of course seeing old friends was most welcome, as well. Following this, we enjoyed a delicious luncheon on an outdoor terrace, cooled by a gentle breeze. After lunch, and with a police escort, we rumbled off for a tour of the area, at last arriving at a local winery which provided a special tasting session for us. Having been moderate at this, we then disbursed over the horizon and into the sunset.

2011 Island Tour and Picnic

Val and Rick Swinchoski's 2011 South Hero Tour & BBQ was a roaring success! But then, it did have all the key ingredients..the company of good friends, great food, wonderful weather and 27 beautiful Porsches! A total of 53 members and friends of the Green Mountain Region enjoyed an absolutely beautiful day at the Swinchoski's lake-side residence and a tour through the Island.

2011 Spring Members Meeting

Our 2011 Spring Members Meeting at Ye Olde England Inne in Stowe Vermont. Despite a continuous downpour, nearly 40 Porsches were brought out by more than 75 members and guests. A fun tour to Montpelier followed lunch. A great gathering... thanks to all the hardy Porschephiles who braved the weather!

2010 British Invasion

For 2010, we were proud to be the invited marque at the 20th Anniversary British Invasion in Stowe! 24 Green Mountain Region members turned out with their Porsches to honor the British car enthusiasts and show off our favorite vehicles.

2010 PCA Adirondack Tour

Tourmaster Stu Friedman took us over 105 miles of stunningly scenic curvy Adirondack driving through Lake Placid and the Keene Valley Notch, ending up for a tasty lunch at the Turtle Island Cafe.

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