Messages from the President

February 2019

Winter is still around us, and most of us have our cars securely put away until spring. In this, the first newsletter of 2019, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who played a part in our successful 2018 season. I would first like to thank Bill Root and our board who have worked quietly behind the scenes to keep the club functioning smoothly. Thank you Christina, Peggy, Don and Sandy. Thanks again to Bill for almost 6 years in the President’s seat. I imagine that this was the furthest thing from his mind when Bill stepped up to be membership chairman and VP those long years ago.

Last year we explored new roads and different parts of our state during our driving tours. Thanks Duffy for the tour that started off our season at the Spring Meeting as well as the tour to the Kancamagus Highway. David Fitzgerald stepped up for the first time and led a great tour of the Champlain Islands. Thanks to David and Arlene for a summer picnic, and a chance to wander through the barns to see David’s current projects. Al and Sandy, also first time tour planners, took us to central and eastern Vermont and found a great destination restaurant as well as a new member to our club. 

Lastly, thanks to Pete and Ellen for leading the fall tour. They have led at least 6 fall tours, and this year taking route notes while taking care of a young grandchild was particularly challenging for Ellen. We would not have such a great time with each other were it not for these volunteers who gave of their time and knowledge of our Green Mountain State.

I was way under the weather and had to miss the great Holiday Party at the Hotel Vermont but heard it was fantastic.

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find a save the day item for Saturday May 4, our tour, lunch and Spring Meeting date. Here we will welcome new members who have joined since last fall, as we gather to gear up for a great touring year. The cars are great but the people even better!  

See you on the road.  Carl

November 2018

I wanted to open this note by thanking all of you for trusting me to be your president. I will do my best to provide value to your membership, and to honor the history and traditions of the Green Mountain Region of PCA. 

I would like to thank Bill Root who has served as our president for almost six years. He stepped in during a time of crisis to fill out the term of the previous president who had resigned. Bill then served two additional, two-year terms as president. Under his guidance the club has grown, we have had great events, we have had fun, and a solid management team has been established. Thanks Bill for your tireless efforts. 

For those of you whom I have not met, I thought that I would include a short note about my time in PCA. After almost 20 years of driving English and Italian sports cars, I bought my first Porsche, a 944 Turbo, in 1986. I became a member of the Pacific Northwest Region PCA in 1987, and I have been a PCA member continuously since that time. 

Other than driving two DE events, watching several autocrosses, and attending multiple Tech events, I was not an active member until I moved to Vermont in 2009. After attending several tours in my “storied ’71 911E,” I was asked to manage event insurance for the club’s driving activities. I began attending board meetings in 2011/12, and I was asked to be a board member at large. I also assumed responsibility for all events at that time.   When Bill Root stepped into the position of president, I was asked to assume the position of Vice President, which I have held for two+terms. 

As events chairman, I have planned and/or participated in four rallies with GMT or Zone 1, and two rallies during the 2016 Parade at Jay Peak. I have also planned several tours and a number of club membership meetings. I have found that being a more active member here in Vermont has been much more rewarding than the passive membership role that I had taken in the Pacific Northwest. 

I am very excited about next year, as there are a number of events in planning. Duffy Miller has stepped in to become events chairman, and we are discussing new ideas for next year’s New Member’s/ Spring Meeting. We plan to have the events committee busy later this fall. Green Mountain has a new webmaster, Al Iuppa, who is upgrading the website. He and Sandy Gilmour, communications chair, are discussing ways to improve communication with members, and to enrich the webpage experience. If you would like to lead a tour or have ideas, please contact Duffy or any of the members of the events committee. If you have thoughts about the website or emailed newsletter, please contact Al or Sandy. 

Lastly, PCA has chosen the Woodstock Inn to be the site of the 2019 Fall Treffen. Treffen in German means “Getting together.” There will be anywhere from 250-400 Porsches in Woodstock for this event September 4-8. Green Mountain Region is the sponsor with a lot of help of course from Zone One. Many of the activities will require the help of all of our members. 

Much like Parade, we will need volunteers to help with registration, information desk, car wash stations, tour traffic control and tour leaders and sweeps. PCA anticipates that the local region will provide volunteers for many of the activities. For this, the club receives a stipend. This is a chance to meet Porsche drivers from other parts of the country. I am asking now, well in advance, for many of you to step up and volunteer to help Green Mountain provide an outstanding experience for the Treffen attendees. Please send me an email, or call if you have an interest. I know that many regions are much larger with many more members, but I truly believe that Green Mountain Region can rise to this task.

I look forward to seeing you all at this year’s Holiday Party December 1, or at a Green Mountain event next year.