Upcoming Events

4 May 2019 – Morning Tour & Spring Meeting at Tessie’s Tavern in Bethel Vermont

Over the winter the Events Committee brainstormed some ideas on how to expand member participation in our regional tours and events. One idea that gained currency was to have two tours with a single meet-up location. Thus, the kick-off of the 2019 event schedule will be on 4 May 2019 with two tours joining up for lunch and the Spring Members Meeting at Tessie’s Tavern in Bethel, Vermont. The specific details will be forthcoming but the plan is to meet at two locations (e.g. north / south), have the drives and then meet for lunch and the Spring meeting. After lunch, members are on their own and could drive home.

Would you be interested in leading a tour? Doing so is a great way to explore the by-ways of Vermont and have fun at the same time.  A newbie? Not to worry, we have a several veterans who would be happy to offer tips or advice.  If interested contact our Events Committee Chair, Duffy Miller, at pethmill@comcast.net

8 June 2019 Green Mountain Road Tour to Peru, NY

Stu Friedman will lead a tour in New York State. We’ll meet at the Charlotte Ferry Crossing (times and route to be announced later) around 9 am, with a drive in NY and stop for lunch at Livingoods Microbrew and Pub in Peru, New York. The tour will end after lunch and folks will have several options to drive home on their own.

15 – 16 June, Vermont Auto Enthusiasts Shelburne Auto Shoe

All Green Mountain Region members are invited to participate and enter their cars in Vermont Auto Enthusiasts Annual Car Show at the Shelburne Museum. GMR will participate on one of the weekend days; we’ll provide more information regarding our participation in the coming months. Click here for more information about the Vermont Auto Enthusiasts and the event.

July – Green Mountain Road Tour – date TBC

August – Green Mountain Road Tour – date TBC

4 -7 September 2019 – PCA Fall Treffen in Woodstock, Vermont

PCA has chosen the Woodstock Inn to be the site of the 2019 Fall Treffen. Treffen in German means “Getting together.” PCA estimates that 120 participants and 10 national staff will be in town for this event. PCA is looking to the Green Mountain Region to contribute a fair amount of volunteer resources with assistance from Zone 1. An official call for volunteers will be forthcoming but in the meantime, if you are interested in helping with registration, the info desk, traffic control, leading tours or other tasks please let Carl know. He can be reached at CWWulf@me.com. 

October – Green Mountain Fall Tour – date TBC