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GMR Fundraiser for the Vermont Foodbank

Total to date: $2,480 donated by 19 Members

The GMR will be matching total member donations up to $2,000. The donation process is fast, easy and secure – click here to donate

GMR – PCA “Virtual” Holiday Cocktail Party, Fundraiser, and other Seasonal News!

Your GMR-PCA Board is planning some fun holiday events in which we hope you will participate! Given the restrictions due to the COVID pandemic, we will not be having our annual (in-person) holiday dinner as in previous years. 

Virtual Cocktail Party – December 5th, at 6:00pm with entertainment by Jon Gailmor!

We have decided to host a virtual cocktail party on December 5th, at 6:00pm. We’ll use the Zoom platform. Members should check the email inbox for the Zoom login link and information; these details were sent on Sunday, November 29th. If you have not received the email please let us know at grmpca@gmail.com

The meeting will start with a brief “virtual concert” presented by Jon Gailmor! Many of you may know Jon. He’s a VT singer / songwriter, an “artist in residence” for VT schools, and an entertainer who has played many VT venues; clubs, weddings, concerts, and more. Jon will open up our party soon after the meeting starts by singing a few “car themed” songs. Learn more about Jon by visiting his website: http://www.jongailmor.com.  You can also look up Jon in Facebook or on YouTube and hear him perform some of his songs.

We ask members to consider sharing your favorite cocktail recipe, beer or wine. We intend to assemble the submissions and intend to share this information with the other party goers. As we plan the meeting, we’ll find a way for attendees to vote on their favorite recipe / wine / beer selection, and the club will offer an award for the best cocktail / wine selection! Stay tuned in for more details.

Please RSVP to gmrpca@gmail.com if you plan to attend the party.  And, don’t forget to include your favorite cocktail recipe, beer or wine selection when you RSVP.

GMR-PCA Fundraiser 

Your GMR-PCA club is holding a fundraiser to benefit the Vermont Foodbank with the club matching the total member donations up to $2,000. You may not be aware that foodbanks are able to purchase more food per dollar than the average consumer making this a great way to help fellow Vermonters who may need support during these challenging times, and for the holidays. We have established a fundraising goal of $1,500, so please help to provide food to Vermonters facing hunger

Raffle for Fundraiser Contributors!! Your donation will be recognized as part of the GMR-PCA fundraising drive. Additionally, every club member donating to Foodbank fundraiser will be eligible to win a prize of $50! It just so happens that the national PCA is raffling a new Porsche 911 Targa and each ticket is also $50. So, the winner of our raffle will have the choice to use the funds to buy a national PCA raffle ticket or something else! Donations must be submitted to the Vermont Foodbank by December 3rd to be entered in the raffle. [Contributions are not required to attend the Zoom Party]

So, mark your calendars for some holiday fun on Saturday, December 5th at 6.00pm and send your RSVP to gmrpca@gmail.com. The Zoom logon information will be sent to you via email a day or two before December 5th. And remember to share your favorite cocktail beverage and maybe a nice digital photo of your Porsche in your email.  

2020 Annual Member Meeting held on October 27, 2020

The GMR Annual Member meeting took place virtually as scheduled on October 27 via the Zoom platform. While attendance was limited the Club was able to complete its required business. 

  1. Carl Wulfestieg, President, made opening remarks and acknowledged the work done by Board members and other club members. Further, he stressed the need to find replacements for Peggy and Duffy as Treasurer and Events Chair, respectively.
  2. The minutes of the 2019 Annual Members meeting were approved.
  3. Christina McCaffrey, Treasurer, recapped the financial condition of the club for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2020. In short, we began the year with cash balance of $14,645 and ended with $15,759. The Treasurer’s report was approved.
  4. Brad Kennison, Membership Chair, provided a membership report. Despite the COVID-19 challenges GMR’s membership numbers were steady ending with 186 active members.
  5. Duffy Miller, Events Committee Chair, provided an overview of the 2020 Tours. Despite the public health restrictions our participation rates increased as the summer progressed.
  6. Carl provided the Nominations Committee report which was responsible for preparing the slate of candidates as officers for term covering 2021-2022. No nominations were made from the floor and the proposed slate was adopted by the members. The officers for 2021 – 2022 are as follows:
    1. President – Alessandro (Al) Iuppa
    2. Vice President – David Whittall
    3. Secretary – Peggy Larson
    4. Treasurer –  Christina McCaffrey
  7. Carl introduced Mike Bryan, PCA’s Zone One Representative who provided an organizational overview of PCA nationally and regionally.

Great Day for GMR Fall Foliage Tours

October 10, 2020

Sunny skies on Saturday morning greeted GMR members as they gathered for the final Tours of 2020. With 26 Porsches and approximately 50 participants divided between the northern and southern starting points it was great day for traveling Vermont’s colorful roads. 

The southern group, lead by Dave Whittall, embarked from Grafton, VT and headed south to Saxons River and Putney before heading west towards Dummerston. They then headed north northwest towards Newfane then back to the Grafton area before arriving in Chester for a stretch break. After the break the tour continued to the Jackson Gore Lodge at the Okemo Ski Resort for a rendezvous with the northern group.

Duffy Miller led the northern cohort from Northfield, VT.  The tour passed through the Northfield, Roxbury, Randolph, Rochester before connecting with Vermont’s classic touring road, Route 100. From Rochester the group continued south on Route 100 passing through Stockbridge, Pittsfield and Plymouth before arriving at the Jackson Gore Lodge at the Okemo Ski Resort for a rendezvous with the southern carst.

You can find links to the Google map for each route on the Calendar.

September 2020 Tour – Greater Burlington area

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For more photos scroll through the Green Mountain Regions Facebook page

Green Mountain Region Survey

As you may recall, in early 2020, the GMR-PCA Board conducted a member survey to find out more about member interests, support for club activities, and reasons for becoming affiliated with the GMR-PCA. The Board had anticipated sharing and discussing the survey results with the membership at the May member meeting.  As you know, the pandemic compelled the Board to cancel that meeting and several other events so there hasn’t been an opportunity to review the survey results. 

So, we’re now providing a link to the survey results that you can review at your leisure.  The Board plans to discuss the results with the membership at the Fall member meeting (October 10th at the Killington Resort), which remains on the schedule of events at this time.

Have you downloaded the Porsche Panorama App? The app allows you to read PCA’s Panorama Magazine on your favorite Apple or Android device. Click here for the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Porsche Related Diversions from Covid-19

Be sure to check out the “Ask Jason” column for maintenance tips and suggestions

Would you like to have a Green Mountain Name Badge for GMR Events?

If so, name tags can be ordered by emailing a request to our Treasurer, Christina McCaffrey at Christina.McCaffrey@uvmhealth.org. The cost is $15 per badge. Be sure to spell your name(s) correctly!  All members and spouses/ significant others are encouraged to use the name badges on tours and other club events.

Green Mountain Region Board Meetings. Are you interested in “attending” our Board meetings? The Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6.30pm EDT via video conference. If you would like to join us please let Carl Wulfestieg (cwwulf@mac.com) know and he will provide you with the log-in protocols using the Zoom Video Conferencing application.