GMR 2021 Charity Fundraiser for the Vermont Food Bank

Event Details

The GMR is once again conducting a fundraiser for the benefit of the Vermont Food Bank whose efforts reach all corners of Vermont. GMR hosted a similar event in 2020 and raised over $6,600 through member contributions, the GMR matching donation of $2,000 and a PCA donation of $750. While the 2020 fundraiser was successful, it would be great if we can top last year’s total.

You may not be aware but food banks are able to purchase more food per dollar than the average consumer. Making a donation to the Vermont Food Bank is a great way to help fellow Vermonters who may need support during challenging times. The Board encourages you to be generous by donating to this wonderful Vermont based organization.  Donation will be accepted until December 31, 2021.

To make a donation at the Vermont Food Bank please click here.. The process is fast, easy and secure.

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