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March 1, 2023The State of the Green Mountain Region

It is my pleasure to provide you with a short note on the “state of the club.”


For the GMR, membership is at the core of our tours and events. As in prior years, club membership fluctuates over the year with members joining and others leaving.

2022 Events Recap

Member participation at our events continued to affected by lingering effects of Covid, but during the year we had over 220 member-registrations for our events. While not intended many of our 2022 events took place in the northwest quadrant of Vermont. The Board is mindful of the need for more geographic distribution in 2023.

In May, we reprised the double gap tour that former President Carl Wulfestieg had previously constructed. The driving tour took us from Sharon to Brandon where we enjoyed a delightful lunch at Café Provence in Brandon.

In June, we held our new member meeting. Unfortunately, attendance was held down due to a cold wet rain that greeted us that morning. Nonetheless, those in attendance enjoyed a nice breakfast and good camaraderie.

In July the Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts (VAE) hosted the GMR at its monthly Cars and Coffee at the University Mall in South Burlington. At its conclusion, Brad Kennison led a tour on some of Vermont’s twisty roads finishing up at Red Barn Bakery in Middlesex.

In August, Lee and Brenda Roy hosted the GMR Potluck BBQ at their lakeside home on Goodsell Point. It was a gorgeous summer day and Lee and Brenda were absolutely wonderful hosts. Lee’s games and contests were among the highlights.

The September tour brought us a quintessential Vermont fall day as we traveled from Brownsville into New Hampshire and back to Vermont on our way to the Vermont Country Store.

October was a busy month with two events. For the first, we aligned with members Jason and Susan Eastman of Bullfrog Auto as they conducted an open house at their new shop in Williston. It was a great opportunity to chat all things Porsche and was followed by another scenic Brad Kennison tour from Williston to Richmond.

The second October event was the GMR Annual Meeting at the Sugarbush Resort in Warren. The meeting was preceded by a colorful tour hosted by Lou Krieg and Ann Pettyjohn. At the meeting we conducted the election of officers for the 2023-2024 term. The election results were President (Alessandro Iuppa), Vice-President (Ben Curran), Treasurer (Christina McCaffrey) and Secretary (Susan Eastman).


Financially the club remains stable and in good shape. Revenues consist primarily of PCA rebates and subsidies. In 2022 they totaled $5,072. Expenses include software licenses, office supplies, postage, charitable donations and event expenses. The latter include tour leader stipends and the partial underwriting of event meals in an effort to moderate per person fees paid by members.

GMR Webstore

Thanks to Brad and Jill Kennison for their persistence in getting the GMR Webstore up and running. Click here for GMR branded items.

GMR 2022 Charity Drive

The Club’s 2022 Charitable drive was successful with a total of $5,081 donated to the Vermont Foodbank and the Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts’ Golden Wrench Scholarship Fund. The donations consisted of member donations, a GMR match and a PCA National subsidy.


Communication with members can be a challenge in the best of times. Like other PCA regions we utilize our newsletter (The Mountaineer), the web (, email blasts via PCA and Constant Contact, and social media to keep members informed and to “market” our events. Our social media is increasingly active as a source of information about the Club and all things Porsche in Vermont.

Member Survey

During Q4 the Board conducted a member survey. All GMR primary and affiliate members were invited to respond and we had a 12% response rate. The responses, which contained a few surprises, are being used by the Board to build the 2023 Event Calendar. Click here for a summary of the responses.
Finally, I want to thank all the Board members for their ongoing commitment to making the Green Mountain Region as enjoyable as possible and for their advice during the course of the year. It is definitely a group effort.

Alessandro Iuppa
President, Green Mountain Region Porsche Club

March 5, 2021 – The State of the Green Mountain Region

March 2021 – President’s Message

I hope that everyone is well and on the way towards getting your Covid-19 vaccination shots. 2020 was a most unusual year for Porsche Club of America (PCA) and the Green Mountain Region (GMR). While membership numbers were surprisingly stable for both entities just about every other aspect of GMR’s 2020 plan was subject to cancellation, conducted virtually and when in person, subject to social distancing and other restrictions. 

The Board sincerely hopes that 2021 will be a “return to normal” but knows full well that it will be a transition year. That said, I would like to take this opportunity to give you a “state of the GMR”.

GMR’s Milestone Anniversary

I am pleased to announce that the GMR is celebrating its 35th anniversary as a chartered region of PCA. The region was officially recognized in 1986 after a group led by then President Patrick Walsh petitioned PCA for official recognition. The other officers listed in the application were Lou Hochheiser (VP), Don Cummings (Secretary) and Cindy Walsh (Treasurer). In the application they demonstrated the imperative for recognition by reporting that they had “already had one formal meeting, a tour, lunch and concour (sic) in Stowe, Vermont. It was attended by 45 enthusiastic PCA, or soon to be, PCA members. There were 27 cars entered in the concour”. The Board hopes to incorporate the anniversary theme into our 2021 calendar, perhaps with a joint holiday/gala event in December. If you have ideas to share please give a shout out to any of the Board members.

GMR’s Membership & Financial Positions

Our membership and financial positions finished the year in good shape. Despite Covid, the number of primary members remained stable over the course of the year with 186 in January 2020 and 181 at year end. When you include affiliate members the total GMR membership at year end 2020 was 295 members. Financially, we remain strong with a closing cash balance of $12,317 after making a member challenge grant of $2,500 to the Vermont Foodbank. 

2020 Event Recap

Our calendar was constrained by the pandemic but we nonetheless held several successful events. We kicked off with the July tour that attracted 11 cars. That was followed by tours in August, September and October, each with a growing number of participants. The greater Burlington tour attracted the highest numbers with 31 vehicles and 45 members. We also made history by holding the first virtual Members meeting in October and then capped off the year with our first ever Zoom holiday party where more than 30 members enjoyed a musical performance by Jon Gailmor and swapped travel stories and cocktail recipes.

Looking Ahead

The Board, along with several invited members, held a virtual retreat in January. The purpose was to review the 2020 events and most importantly, assess what we need to do to increase membership participation. The discussions triggered numerous suggestions/ideas/enhancements, some routine others surprising. While not comprehensive, the following offers a flavor of the discussion.

  • Events should be structured to maximize socializing opportunities.
  • Tour formats should be varied, for example using a modified ramble format where a destination is selected with members free to drive any route arriving in time for a function. 
  • Give more consideration to overnight and out of state tours.
  • Traditional tours should not have more than 10 cars in each group coupled with clear route directions/information. To paraphrase, “Driving in a pod of 10 or more cars is just too stressful to be enjoyable”.
  • DIY tech sessions 
  • Ramp up our use of social media.

As I look out my office window I still see a hillside covered in deep white snow but hope springs eternal and we know that our cars will soon be on Vermont’s roadways.  As the driving season approaches the Board encourages you to save the following dates in your calendars. The details will be forthcoming as we progress through the spring. 

  • Saturday, May 15th. This will be a traditional tour focused in the greater Woodstock area. We are exploring the available options for an outdoor venue to gather subsequent to the drive, perhaps with catered box lunches.
  • Saturday, June 12th. Join your fellow GMR members as we welcome our newest members and their cars. Rather than organizing one or more tours to drive to the meeting the Board has decided to forgo the organized tours so that you can travel to the meeting at your leisure on a route of your choosing. The location and related details are in the formative stage but the emphasis for this event will be on socializing.
  • Friday/Saturday, August 13/14. Bob Rubin has once again offered to put together an overnight event in southern Vermont.
  • Saturday,September 25th. Stu Friedman is putting together another, his 4th for GMR, drive through Adirondack Park in upstate New York. 
  • October. GMR Annual meeting and Fall Foliage tour
  • December. Holiday Party

I look forward to seeing you over the course of the driving season and encourage you to regularly check the events calendar at the GMR website ( and/or our Facebook Group page ( for more details.  

“It’s not just the cars, it’s the people”

Alessandro (Al) Iuppa, GMR President

January 2, 2021 – A Call to Action

Dear Green Mountain Region Member,

It is an honor to be taking on the reins of our Region’s Presidency from Carl Wulfestieg. In the time I’ve come to know Carl and work with him on the Board I’ve grown to appreciate his tireless efforts on behalf of the Club. During his tenure as President membership grew – no small achievement for a “social club” during a global pandemic, the September 2019 PCA Treffen in Woodstock has been described as one of its most successful ever and we have had memorable tours throughout the state and even a cross over into New York. As President, Carl has led the effort to ensure that the club’s activities appealed to as many members as possible and the sustained number of event registrants is a measure of his success. We owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude and I ask that you join me in my thanks to Carl.

I suspect everyone would agree that 2020 is one of those years that we look forward to seeing in the rearview mirror. There have been too many canceled family gatherings, social events and trips. For Green Mountain Region (GMR) that meant cancelling the spring new member meeting, several tours and lunches and compelled us to hold for our annual meeting and holiday party via Zoom. While the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine is encouraging we still have a way to go before we return to normal, so let’s continue to take the requisite steps to curb its spread and stay safe. In the meantime, I share your hope and desire for better days ahead.

At this time, we don’t know exactly how 2021 will unfold but your GMR Board intends to plan a full schedule for the upcoming year. The plans will include the monthly tours/luncheons and member meetings in the spring and fall. We are also considering other activities, for example, regional coffee and car get togethers, a gimmick rally, another charity event, and joint events with other car marque clubs active in Vermont. However, before we can begin the 2021 planning in earnest we are seeking volunteers to fill two important Board vacancies to fill, Secretary and Events chair. 


We’ve been fortunate to have had Peggy Larson serve as our Secretary for the past 5 years. However, as she noted during the annual meeting she would like to step down as Secretary. Peggy, who is rumored to consider yellow as her favorite Porsche, has been one our best ambassadors – always greeting members with a smile and a sincere welcome. Consistent with most organizations, the GMR Secretary is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the Board minutes and official club records. 

Events Chair

At its core, the GMR is a social club whose members happen to enjoy driving Porsches. So it is not a surprise that the GMR events calendar is of paramount importance to the success of the club. For the past two years Duffy Miller has done a fantastic job chairing our Events Committee, especially navigating Vermont’s Covid restrictions while holding successful tours this past summer. However, his business responsibilities have increased such that both he and Bernie have less time to allocate to the Club. As a result, we are seeking a volunteer for Events Chair who will be responsible for coordinating our summer tours with support from other board members and tour leaders. We are also considering the possibility of having co-chairs which would help to better spread the work load. Regardless, I can say with full confidence that the Chair(s) will be the beneficiary of great support from the other Board members.

These two Board positions are important contributors to the success of the Green Mountain Region and I urge you to give serious consideration to helping your club as a volunteer. If you have an interest in serving as Secretary or Events Chair or would like further information about either role please let me know. I can reached by phone (207.409.0773) or By way of background the Board meets once a month via Zoom, although we look forward to periodic in-person meetings in the post Covid era.

I know I speak for the entire Board when I say that we wish everyone a happy and healthy new year as we look forward to the 2021 tours, social events and the opportunity to engage with each other in person. After all, “IT’S NOT JUST THE CARS, IT’S THE PEOPLE”.

Alessandro (Al) Iuppa

October 24, 2020 – 2020 Annual Meeting Announcement & Details

The Board of Directors of the Green Mountain PCA invites you to the 2020 annual membership meeting to be held next Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. by Zoom. Normally of course we would have met in person over lunch during our fall foliage tour October 10. But due to the current statewide restrictions regarding large group gatherings, we will be meeting using the Zoom platform. The annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 27th at 7:00 p.m.

 This year this is an especially important meeting as we will be electing officers to the board of directors for the 2021/2022 term, and we very much value your participation. 

The club also has two very important needs, as there are two critical board positions which need to be filled. Our secretary Peggy Larson would like to retire from the board, and at this time we have no replacement. Duffy Miller, our events chair, will no longer be able continue in this position, as his business is requiring much more of his time, and we need a volunteer to step up to take over events. 

I encourage you all to consider volunteering for one of these positions. Volunteers will find that they have strong board support, and no one would be expected to work alone. Please contact one of our board members at the end of the meeting or at any time to discuss the requirements of these jobs or email us at

Scroll down for the agenda of the annual meeting, and scroll down a bit more for the minutes of the annual meeting from last year, which must be approved by the membership at the upcoming meeting.

Let me say in closing what great fall foliage tours we had Saturday October 10, both culminating at Okemo Ski Resort. Thanks to Duffy Miller and Dave Whittall! The drives were terrific and the leaves still showing great color. See below for some photos. 

Hope to see you on Zoom at the very important annual meeting of our Green Mountain Region Porsche Club next Tuesday. 

Remember it’s not just the cars, it’s the people! 
Carl WulfestiegPresident

May 20, 2020 – A Special Message from Acting President, David Whittal

Our hard working president Carl Wulfestieg is in the shop for some repair work, and on behalf of all the members of the Green Mountain Region, I want to wish him all the best with his surgery and for a speedy recovery! As we await Carl’s return, the weather has improved and is perfect for a tour with our Porsche brothers and sisters. But, here we are in the middle of a pandemic and a “stay at home” order from the governor.

Okay, I have pulled the Boxster S out of hibernation and have gone for a couple of short loops around the “neighborhood”. Grafton is so small that two times equals a loop. I am looking forward to seeing the other members of the GMR and having a proper tour with beautiful cars and nice people. Be sure to read these newsletters and regularly check the website for updates to the 2020 tour schedule.  All the best. 
Remember it’s not just the cars — it’s the people

April 11, 2020

With much regret, your Green Mountain Region (GMR) Porsche Club Board decided recently that we would have to cancel our May 2 tour and spring meeting planned for Montpelier. Although the current quarantine rules were possibly to be lifted by April 30, we felt it was cutting things too close, and that there were be a continuing need for most of us to stay in quarantine due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Then, as you know, Governor Scott just yesterday (April 10) extended the stay-at-home order to May 15. The Board, working with Events Chair Duffy Miller, is now looking at the June tour and lunch, and events for the rest of the year, in hopes of a return to normalcy sooner rather than later. As Governor Scott said, “”As soon as the data shows a downward trend, we can open the spigot, a quarter turn at a time, to get folks back to work in a way that’s responsible and safe.” Your board feels the same way toward setting our next tour and meal. Safety first.

Of course, there is no prohibition on driving — and with spring just about here, we know many members are anxious to hit the road. In this edition of the Mountaineer, please see GMR member and master mechanic Jason Eastman’s tips for starting up your Porsche for the first time this spring, if you haven’t already. (Also, read how he stays safe during the crisis.)
New members — bear with us! Eventually we’ll come out on the other side, and you’ll be able to enjoy the driving and camaraderie I know you expected to find when you joined GMR!
Meantime, stay safe — at home and on the road. 
Remember: “It’s not just the cars— it’s the people!” 

Carl WulfestiegGMR President

March 25, 2020 Special President’s Message

In light of Governor Scott’s “stay at home” Executive Order and on behalf of the Green Mountain Region board, I wanted to reach out to our members during these trying days. Our sincere hope is that everyone is well and not confronted with any related hardships. 

Typically at this time of year we are looking forward to getting our Porsches out of the garage, barn or storage and our region’s upcoming spring and summer tours. Unfortunately, this year is going to be different with our attention appropriately centered on health related issues. That said, the board has been meeting through the winter with the intent of making the 2020 tour season one of the best with monthly tours including an overnight event. The first event is the Spring Meeting and Tour scheduled for May 2nd. At the most recent board meeting on March 18th the board was moving forward with that event but with a contingency plan should circumstances dictate a change. The Governor’s latest Executive Order to stay at home introduces another element that may further restrict our ability to go forward with the Meeting and tour. 

Going forward our concern must be on health and safety and we ask that you bear with us as things develop. For the latest information about GMR events be sure to regularly check the GMR webpage ( and look for updates in the Mountaineer Newsletter. If members wish to interact with each other you may want to consider the Green Mountain PCA Facebook group page as a vehicle for doing so. For the latter keep in mind that the Facebook group is NOT exclusive to GMR members. Click here to access the Facebook page. And, of course you can reach out to me or other board members via email.

In the meantime – stay home, stay safe and keep in touch. 

Carl Wulfestieg, President

December 13, 2019

Thanksgiving was late this year, giving most of us an early start into holiday celebrations. Green Mountain Region welcomed 30+ members and associates to our holiday party last Saturday, December 7, at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Montpelier; everyone had a wonderful meal and plenty of time to share in holiday cheer. 

I did find it disappointing that this number represents less than 10% of our Green Mountain total membership. One of my major goals for the past year was increased participation of our membership, and I want to work on this. Membership has been growing rapidly during the past year, and GMR welcomed perhaps 20+ new members with all model of cars from 356s to the most recent Carreras, Boxsters and Caymans. Brad Kennison, our new membership chairman, is working diligently to increase membership, as recent information from PCA suggests that our present membership numbers are less than 30% of all Porsches registered in the state of Vermont. We have certainly seen an increased participation in our tour events. 

On that subject, please note that the proposed dates for our 2020 tours are already up on our website, so take a look and save the dates. More information will follow after the first of the year. 

Your board is very interested in hearing from you about what activities we could organize to enhance the value of your membership in PCA. With that in mind, we will be sending out a membership survey, using Survey Monkey, after the first of the year. Please take the time to participate as this will give your board a better sense of what our goals should be. We want to know what you think, and what you’d like to have the club do more (or less) of! 

I should note also that your PCA membership permits participation in the driving events of other clubs, so check out the calendars of our neighbors and Zone 1.

Happy Holidays to you all, and see you next spring. Remember it’s not just the cars— it’s the people! 
Carl Wulfestieg GMR President

September 20, 2019

I hope to see you all at Arlene and David’s tomorrow! Please book now and let me know whether you will join on our great Fall Foliage Tour and Annual Meeting on Saturday, Oct. 5. Please read the bylaw changes which are provided in this edition of the Mountaineer and be prepared to give an informed vote.

Treffen Vermont was a huge success. The general opinion of all participants was that this was the best Treffen ever, and Green Mountain/Zone 1 set a very high bar for all future Treffen. I was stopped numerous times throughout the weekend by participants who reported enjoying the tours, and loving the great roads which we had selected. Thanks to all of you who volunteered. Tour leaders: Duffy Miller/Bernadette Cleland, David/Ann Kynor, Al Iuppa/Anne Valentine, Brad Kennison, Tour team members: Skip Wareham, Dave Whittall, Peter Chehayl, Rob and Betsy Wadsworth, Information Desk and other duties: Christina McCaffrey, Rick/Val Swinchoski, Dale/Kathy Kjerulff, Ralph Demasi/Wendy Starr, Susan Wulfestieg, Pete/Ellen Arnold, Robert/Mary Costella and Sandy/Karen Gilmour. 

In particular, thanks to Bob Costella who arrived early on Thursday and Friday mornings to get the tours lined up and sent off expeditiously. Thanks also to those of you who stepped up and were not asked to help out, your support is what makes this a great club.

Remember it’s not just the cars; it’s the people! 

September 2, 2019

The days are getting shorter and there is a chill in the air many evenings. We still have several events on the calendar, which should provide nice fall drives. 

The September picnic (September 21) is always a great time for all, and this year it will not include a tour. That shouldn’t prevent smaller groups from getting together for a self-guided tour to Waitsfield and the home of Arlene Diesenhoiuse and David Steinman. See below for the details.

A major reason for this note is to thank all of you who volunteered to help with Treffen Vermont. Unfortunately, due to unexpected illness, I was not able to complete the task of organizing volunteers, and Mike Bryan (Zone 1 rep.) stepped in to help me out. He had a differing philosophy than I about how to best use volunteer help, and this resulted in a number of you not being asked to participate as volunteers. I am no less appreciative of those of you who did not receive assignments, than of the members who were asked. I think that it bodes well for the future of GMR that so many of you stepped up. Let’s build on the enthusiasm for this event by having many of you volunteer to help organize tours and other events for our growing club. 

I hope to see you at Arlene and David’s on Saturday, September 21!

Remember it’s not just the cars; it’s the people!  Carl

May 2019 Update

The Ferry waits for no one-

Our next Green Mountain Tour will be lead by Stu Friedman, a former GMR member from New York. In the past, Stu has found very nice driving roads for us, and I am certain that this tour will not disappoint. The tour start is from the Charlotte Ferry Dock on the 10 a.m. ferry. Please arrive early =, 9 a.m., as noted on the website and Mountaineer posting (see below). I know that many of us drive fast cars, but I don’t think anyone can beat the 33 min. crossing time to Essex, New York by driving legal or illegal speeds on the our Vermont roads. 

On another topic: Have you checked out the GMR website lately? Al Iuppa, our webmeister, has been working to revise the site and add more content, which will benefit us all. The site is still a work in progress, so check in frequently to see the changes as they arrive. Al welcomes comments from all of you, so if there are ideas or possible links which you think might be helpful please send Al a note . 

Welcome all new members (see below). We are now up to a recod breaking 177 members in Green Mountain Region, including about 20 new members joined since last winter! 

Lastly, when was the last time you signed on to the PCA national website and revised your membership information? Your GMR board and communications chairman need correct information on the PCA site, because this is where we obtain information to communicate with you all. .  Unfortunately, I’ll be away, but have a great June tour! Best regards, drive safely, and remember it’s not just the cars, it’s the people!

Carl Wulfestieg President, Green Mountain Region

May 2019

After days of rain and gray weather, the members of the Green Mountain Region anticipated the first drive of the 2019 season with some trepidation. Our tour leaders, Duffy Miller and Al Iuppa had designed a two-start tour with plans to converge at Tessie’s Tavern in Bethel, Vermont for lunch and a chance for the membership to meet new members who had joined GMR during the past winter. 

A total of approximately 40 cars converged on the two start locations on a cloudy, damp and foggy day, but with the exception of a few remaining frost heaves and potholes, we all had a great drive on an early spring day in the Vermont countryside. Most of the trees and perennial plantings were still wearing the brown of winter, but the fields were filled with green and the streams were brimming from rain and the remaining snowmelt.Thanks to tourmeisters Al Iuppa and Duffy Miller!  

We welcomed 17 new members and affiliates, many of whom were able to attend this first drive. I didn’t have a chance to meet every new member, but I look forward to seeing everyone during the 2019 driving season. I strongly believe that new members can bring new ideas to our group, which will enrich the experience for everyone.  I encourage you all to contact me or any other member of our board, if there are questions or ideas to share.  

We were able to have a short business meeting following lunch, and future Green Mountain and Zone 1 events were discussed. I again discussed Treffen Vermont, and I had a chance to more fully explain some of the jobs volunteers would be doing. Treffen Vermont registration will open in June, and I anticipate that the 120 spots will fill rapidly. 

Dave Whittall mentioned that he is investigating DE instructor training, and we talked about members attending driving events organized by other regions in our zone. I also recommended that everyone look more frequently at the Green Mountain Region website, as Al has made certain that there are links to Zone 1 and PCA sites.  Best regards, drive safely, and remember it’s not just the cars, it’s the people!

Carl WulfestiegPresident, Green Mountain Region

February 2019

Winter is still around us, and most of us have our cars securely put away until spring. In this, the first newsletter of 2019, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who played a part in our successful 2018 season. I would first like to thank Bill Root and our board who have worked quietly behind the scenes to keep the club functioning smoothly. Thank you Christina, Peggy, Don and Sandy. Thanks again to Bill for almost 6 years in the President’s seat. I imagine that this was the furthest thing from his mind when Bill stepped up to be membership chairman and VP those long years ago.

Last year we explored new roads and different parts of our state during our driving tours. Thanks Duffy for the tour that started off our season at the Spring Meeting as well as the tour to the Kancamagus Highway. David Fitzgerald stepped up for the first time and led a great tour of the Champlain Islands. Thanks to David and Arlene for a summer picnic, and a chance to wander through the barns to see David’s current projects. Al and Sandy, also first time tour planners, took us to central and eastern Vermont and found a great destination restaurant as well as a new member to our club. 

Lastly, thanks to Pete and Ellen for leading the fall tour. They have led at least 6 fall tours, and this year taking route notes while taking care of a young grandchild was particularly challenging for Ellen. We would not have such a great time with each other were it not for these volunteers who gave of their time and knowledge of our Green Mountain State.

I was way under the weather and had to miss the great Holiday Party at the Hotel Vermont but heard it was fantastic.

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find a save the day item for Saturday May 4, our tour, lunch and Spring Meeting date. Here we will welcome new members who have joined since last fall, as we gather to gear up for a great touring year. The cars are great but the people even better!  

See you on the road.  Carl

November 2018

I wanted to open this note by thanking all of you for trusting me to be your president. I will do my best to provide value to your membership, and to honor the history and traditions of the Green Mountain Region of PCA. 

I would like to thank Bill Root who has served as our president for almost six years. He stepped in during a time of crisis to fill out the term of the previous president who had resigned. Bill then served two additional, two-year terms as president. Under his guidance the club has grown, we have had great events, we have had fun, and a solid management team has been established. Thanks Bill for your tireless efforts. 

For those of you whom I have not met, I thought that I would include a short note about my time in PCA. After almost 20 years of driving English and Italian sports cars, I bought my first Porsche, a 944 Turbo, in 1986. I became a member of the Pacific Northwest Region PCA in 1987, and I have been a PCA member continuously since that time. 

Other than driving two DE events, watching several autocrosses, and attending multiple Tech events, I was not an active member until I moved to Vermont in 2009. After attending several tours in my “storied ’71 911E,” I was asked to manage event insurance for the club’s driving activities. I began attending board meetings in 2011/12, and I was asked to be a board member at large. I also assumed responsibility for all events at that time.   When Bill Root stepped into the position of president, I was asked to assume the position of Vice President, which I have held for two+terms. 

As events chairman, I have planned and/or participated in four rallies with GMT or Zone 1, and two rallies during the 2016 Parade at Jay Peak. I have also planned several tours and a number of club membership meetings. I have found that being a more active member here in Vermont has been much more rewarding than the passive membership role that I had taken in the Pacific Northwest. 

I am very excited about next year, as there are a number of events in planning. Duffy Miller has stepped in to become events chairman, and we are discussing new ideas for next year’s New Member’s/ Spring Meeting. We plan to have the events committee busy later this fall. Green Mountain has a new webmaster, Al Iuppa, who is upgrading the website. He and Sandy Gilmour, communications chair, are discussing ways to improve communication with members, and to enrich the webpage experience. If you would like to lead a tour or have ideas, please contact Duffy or any of the members of the events committee. If you have thoughts about the website or emailed newsletter, please contact Al or Sandy. 

Lastly, PCA has chosen the Woodstock Inn to be the site of the 2019 Fall Treffen. Treffen in German means “Getting together.” There will be anywhere from 250-400 Porsches in Woodstock for this event September 4-8. Green Mountain Region is the sponsor with a lot of help of course from Zone One. Many of the activities will require the help of all of our members. 

Much like Parade, we will need volunteers to help with registration, information desk, car wash stations, tour traffic control and tour leaders and sweeps. PCA anticipates that the local region will provide volunteers for many of the activities. For this, the club receives a stipend. This is a chance to meet Porsche drivers from other parts of the country. I am asking now, well in advance, for many of you to step up and volunteer to help Green Mountain provide an outstanding experience for the Treffen attendees. Please send me an email, or call if you have an interest. I know that many regions are much larger with many more members, but I truly believe that Green Mountain Region can rise to this task.

I look forward to seeing you all at this year’s Holiday Party December 1, or at a Green Mountain event next year.

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