GMR Board Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2020 / Board Meeting Minutes

WELCOME AND CATCH-UP TIME:  Talked about the COVID 19 virus and the effect on future events.

ATTENDING:  Carl Wulfestieg, Al Iuppa, Sandy Gilmour, Brad Kennison, David Whittall, Christina McCaffrey and Peggy Larson

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  The report was accepted.  Al moved the acceptance of the report and Sandy seconded.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  $20 was paid to Constant Contact.  Killington refunded $150.  The balance as of September 30, 2020 was $15,759.20.


Review GM Region Summary for October 01, 2020.  

          4 new members, 1 transfer in from Lone Star, 4 non-renewals / 184 Primary, 112 Affiliate, Total 296.

New members since the August 19th BOD meeting – 2 new and 1 transfer in

Last week’s (10/15) PCA mid-month update – not much activity.  Available on 10/15.

PCA Membership Referrals – week of 10/05 (how Porsche owners become new members): PCA member referral – 73; Google search – 37; Other – 27; PCA website – 26; Dealership referral – 14 (Brad will contact dealers this winter)

Last Week Referrals – Week of September 28, 2020: PCA member referral – 67 Google search – 31; Other – 25; Dealership referral – 21; Former PCA member – 14; PCA website – 13

GMR Decals – static cling, not glue backed. Due to Porsche copyright issues, Porsche insignia is removed. Too late to change the design as the tent and tablecloth have been ordered and are in use.

Cost – $525.00 plus probably $25 or so shipping. Just for reference, 1000 would only cost a little more at $595.00.  The 2.25” diameter is the same as the PCA decals. For the mailing portion of the expense, if we went with a simple envelope and the decal inside, the cost would be $325 including postage, printing envelopes and mailing services.

Distribution – mail to each existing member and to new members as they come onboard OR hand out at tours and events OR have them contact me if they are interested?

Wheels in the Field October 2 – 4, 2020 Registration/Schedule/Contact. Tent, tablecloth, cars, apparel, PCA information, electrical power. No new members generated yet, The Board briefly discussed how the GMR could better integrate the 2021 Chester event into the 2021 Summer Tour schedule.  One suggestion is to schedule a morning GMR tour that would end up in Chester.

Member Profile – Sandy had a great idea to profile new members in the newsletter

if they chose to participate.  The Board briefly discussed the practicality of extending profiles for all members.  Al noted that we already ask for photos, articles, etc. in each newsletter without much success and that in order to make this work will require someone to diligently follow-up with members.  Carl offered to write a welcoming letter to all new members.  Al indicated he would touch base with Sandy about the possibility of creating a profile template for participants to use.


Several members attended the Wheels in the Field event in Chester.  While the Porsche parking area was in the town center, it was separated from the motorcycle gathering with the resultant decline in foot traffic.  Contributing to the diminished foot traffic were Vermont COVID-19 restrictions and the fact that the 80+ motorcycles were parked at a distance from the town green.  Despite the challenges the GMR was prominently featured due to Brad’s use of the new tent and tablecloth.  Other suggestions for 2021 tours included Shelburne Museum and the Waterbury car show.

September and October GMR tours received positive feedback from the participants.  In September, we had 31 cars and 55 participants while the October event drew 26 cars and 50 people.  Carl commended the tour organizers and suggested that rebate checks would help recruit members to organize the tours.  The reimbursement would be based on the level of preparatory activity involved.   The Board did not take a formal position but agreed to further discussion on the proposal.  As part of the discussion, Carl reminded the Board that we will need to find a new Events Chair for 2021 and stressed the importance that the tour planners consider scenery, pull offs, places to eat and length of tours.  Brad and Carl both referenced the 5 page Tour Leader Guidelines previously prepared by Duffy.

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for October 27, 2020 at 7:00 pm via ZOOM.  Duffy will set up the technical system so that members can participate.  Carl will start the meeting with a short introductory tutorial explaining voting for new members of the Board.  The agenda will include 2019 Annual Meeting minutes, Treasurer’s report, committee reports and the election of officers.  

The Board agreed to cancel the in-person holiday party previously scheduled for December 10th at the Hotel Vermont due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns.  The Board is considering a ZOOM cocktail reception as a possible alternative.  An on-line car show made up of photos of member vehicles was suggested as something to have running during the party (this would be a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation put together prior to the party). Other suggestions for conducting the party are welcome and will be discussed at the next Board meeting. vs – Christina expressed a preference to continue  Al noted having tour participants preregister (whether there is a fee or not) for the September and October tours was a real benefit allowing us to provide up to date information to the participants.  Christian indicated that MotorSport has this feature.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – Originally presented at the September 16, 2020 Board meeting.  Al suggested postponing the discussion to the next meeting to address any questions, etc.  He did note that moving forward does come with financial expenditure depending on the number of licenses we purchase.

The GMR FaceBook group continues to attract viewers and may be more popular than the GMRPCA web page.

Meeting adjourned.  Brad made the motion and Al seconded.

Respectfully submitted, Peggy Larson, Secretary   

September 16, 2020 / Board Meeting Minutes

ATTENDING:  Carl Wulfestieg, Al Iuppa, Sandy Gilmour, Brad Kennison, Duffy Miller, David Whitthall and Peggy Larson

WELCOME AND CATCH UP TIME:  We talked about music and playing musical instruments.  Sandy played a short song on his guitar.  Also talked a bit about the virus and how it has affected and will affect Porsche Club events.  

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  The report was accepted.  Al moved the acceptance of the report and Duffy seconded.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Due Christina’s absence, Peggy read the report.  The starting balance is $14,976.10.  The PCA Quarterly Refund was $868.00.  Payment to Constant Contact was $20.  Payment for masks, etc. was $44.90.  The balance as of October 31, 2020 is $15,779.20


  1. Review GMR Region Summary for Sept 01, 2020

4 New members, 1 Transfer Out, 4 Non-renewals

180 Primary, 112 Affiliate, Total 292

  • New members since Aug 19th BOD meeting – 5 new, one with dual membership in Northeast Region (paid membership fee twice). 
  • Last week’s (09/15) PCA mid-month update

PCA continues to post positive membership numbers as people are looking for something positive in their lives despite these challenging times.

  • PCA Primary membership now exceeds start of 2020
  • August averaged 35.22 new members per day
  • Member referrals remain strong in August with 325
  • PCA Membership referrals – Sept 9th  ( how Porsche owners become new members )

PCA member referral 93
Google search 39
Other 26
PCA website 20
Dealership referral 20
Rennlist website 13

  • Last week’s referrals: August 31st

PCA member referral 81
Google search 32
Other 30
Dealership referral 25
PCA website 16
Former PCA member 10

NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT:   Currently, Al was nominated for President, David for Vice President, Peggy for Secretary, and Christina for Treasurer.  Peggy and Duffy are leaving their positions,  so replacements need to be found for both of them. 

The decision was made to hold the Annual Membership meeting on October 27, 2020 at 7:00 via ZOOM.  Members will be invited to attend the meeting via ZOOM and must be notified 30 days prior to the meeting.   The notice should include, at a minimum, the minutes of the 2019 meeting and the slate of candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee, – Carl noted that the agenda will include approval of the minutes, reports by committee chairs and the election of officers.  The Board also discussed the need to use the meeting as a platform for recruiting a new Secretary and Events Chair.  Carl noted his intent to present a letter wrapping up his fun and rewarding presidency at the meeting or at the end of the year..


September tour:  Al and Brad organized the event.  Participation for the tour is substantial with 28 registered cars and 44 participants as of the Board meeting.  Among the cohort will be one Miata driven by Skip Brown and Steve Leman, who is the events chair for the Central NY region of PCA. W e will need to split into two groups.   We will meet in Essex Junction, drive north to Jeffersonville and then head south to Waitsfield.  From Waitsfield, we will drive to Huntington, Hinesburg and back to Shaw’s parking lot in Williston.

Wheels in the Field:  This event is in Chester, Vermont.  Whether to set up a tent and table at the event was discussed.  The Board discussed what, if any, Club participation should take place.  Brad suggested that we use the event as an opportunity to market GMR by setting up an information table on the Saturday of the event. Carl agreed to contact the organizers to gather more information and confirm our plan.  This is not a sanctioned GMR event and will not be associated with a PCA drive/tour. 

October tour:  Doing two loops, a northern and a southern, was discussed.  Killington is no longer a destination.  Okemo might be a possible place to end the tours. David has indicated that he has put together a southern loop and will work with Duffy to firm things up.  Duffy will reach out to Pete Arnold about a northern loop.

Holiday Party:  Social distancing remains the biggest obstacle to the holiday party.  Hotel Vermont has space off the bar that might accommodate our group.  We may need to cancel the party or instead, do a virtual holiday party via ZOOM.  We will discuss this again at our next meeting.  Duffy noted that he has participated in several “ZOOM socials” and they proved to be a good time.

COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL MEDIA:  The GMR Facebook page continues to attract new members and an increasing number of views. As of today there are 74 members.  The October edition of PCA’s Panorama magazine included a photograph from the July 2020 tour in the Region Focus section.  Al sent pictures to Panorama which were published.


Following-up on last month’s discussion on website security Al reported on Google’s G-Suite of productivity tools. The objective for a move to such a platform is to better manage and preserve GMR  produced content and enhance email capabilities. G Suite Basic offers a range of tools that include 

Gmail with customizable options (XXX@your company)

Shared Calendars (Individual and group)

Google Docs and spreadsheets (create, edit and collaboration)

Presentation Builder

Meet Video and Voice conferencing (up to 100 participants)


Google Drive with 30GB of storage

Google Forms 

Moving to G Suite will allow for the Board to have tailored email addresses and would establish a centralized document management system.  The latter could be used to maintain the “GMR Region Redbook”, official organizational documents such as the bylaws, minutes, financial reports, newsletters, waiver and insurance forms.

The fee for G Suite is based upon the number of users; recall that the board can range in size from 9 to 11 members. If the board remains at 9 members the monthly fee would be $54/month or $486/year. At the maximum size the cost would be $66/month or $792/year.  The Board agreed to discuss the merits of moving forward at the next meeting.



  GMR Decals – static cling not glue backed 

                 Cost – $525 plus probably $25 or so shipping. Just for reference, 1,000 would only be a little more at $595.00. That is correct 2.25” diameter same as PCA decals. For the mailing portion, if we went with a simple envelope and the decal inside, the cost would be $325 including postage, printing envelopes and mailing services.

                 Distribution – mail to each existing member and to new members as they come onboard ORhand out at tours and events OR have them contact me if they are interested?

Other Ideas:  

Member Profile – Sandy had a great idea to profile new members in the newsletter, if they chose to participate. This could be extended to all members. Looking for interesting stories and picture of their Porsche.

New Business – How to incentivize members to participate in events (tours) etc. Based on the number of times participating (exclude Board members)

Gift certificate: Porsche, parts, dinner

Anniversary Recognition – future project milestones 5,10,15,20, 25 years as member

 Contact Dealerships – Albany and Nashua

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Larson, Secretary

August 19, 2020

ATTENDING:  Carl Wulfestieg, Al Iuppa, Sandy Gilmour, Brad Kennison, Christina McCaffrey,  David Whitthall and Peggy Larson

WELCOME AND CATCH UP TIME:  We were happy to have Carl back at the meeting and glad he is leaving the hospital soon.  Talked about the coronavirus and the impact on events.  

Brad told an interesting story about a New Hampshire PCA member who bought a Porsche 356 back in the early 1960’s.  He eventually sold the car and it was resold in the US several times, then over to Italy and eventually back to Germany.  He decided to find the car, found it in Germany, received an invitation to come to Germany and when he did, he was able to drive his old car again.  

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Corrections were necessary to the July minutes and the report will be resubmitted.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  The monthly Constant Contact charge is $20 and has been paid.  

A deposit of $150 was made to Killington.  $14,976.10 remains in the GMR bank account.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  As of August 1, 2020, 2 new members joined, 2 transferred in and 2 transferred out.  Alexander Elder and Scott Gover are the two non renewal members.  Overall, 22 members have lapsed since December 2019 and follow ups have been done by Brad.  Since the last Board meeting, we have 5 new members and 1 transferred in.  Nationally, for the second consecutive month, PCA had a 471 primary member increase with 1103 new members in July and 879 renewals.  The PCA current member referrals is the highest driver of members with dealerships also contributing.

EVENT STATUS:  The August southern Vermont drive took place as scheduled and was enjoyed by the 18 participating cars.  The route was reduced from 120 to 90 miles due to road construction.  The weather cooperated and some of the roads were newly resurfaced.  The lesson learned was that it is important for tour leaders to drive the roads before the event to identify road construction zones.  Chester served as our midpoint stop for coffee, etc.

The September 19, 2020 driving event will take place in the Greater Burlington area and Al will organize the drive.  The plan is to start in Essex on route 15, on to Jericho, Underhill, Cambridge and through the Notch to Stowe then down route 100 to Waitsfield and back to Williston.  It will be about a 90 mile drive with a break in Waitsfield at the Shaw’s/Farmer’s Marked Plaza.  Brad noted that Peter Edelman from Essex Cinema has offered his parking lot for the meeting spot and the driver meeting.

The October Fall Foliage Tour and Annual Membership Meeting are tentatively planned for October 10, 2020.  Pete Arnold is working on the tour portion; however, the continued presence of the COVID19 virus is interfering with the Annual meeting plans. Crowd size restrictions and a reluctance by some members to participate in PCA events may compel a rescheduling of the meeting to later in the month. The Club’s bylaws require that the Annual meeting take place during October. Setting the date is important because it triggers notice requirements. If we go forward with the October 10 meeting, the Board must adhere to the following schedule.

     10 October – Annual Meeting

     11 September – Notice of meeting including the 2019 meeting minutes and the

           Nominations Committee’s proposed slate of officers.

     29 August – Nomination Committee provides proposed slate of officers to the Board

One consideration is to have a virtual Annual Meeting via Zoom, doing so would also give the Nominations Committee a few more days to complete their task. The Board decided to hold Tuesday October 27 as the day for a Zoom meeting if necessary. 

We will contact Killington to confirm that they are capable of meeting all State of Vermont protocols for holding the meeting and lunch. A determination will then be made whether to go forward at Killington or to schedule the virtual meeting.

The December 5, 2020 Holiday Party is still in the planning stage due to the continuing issues with the coronavirus.  Carl will contact the Hotel Vermont to learn how they propose to comply with the state restrictions. 

COMMUNICATIONS/SOCIAL MEDIA:  The Green Mountain Region FaceBook group continues to attract more views and new members. Al attended the recent PCA webinar on Websites. PCA will be releasing a new website which will be more user friendly and more secure. The program also covered security measures that the Regions should employ, for example no personal emails or phone numbers should appear on the Region’s website.  GMRPCA will explore whether a service such as Google Suite can be employed to facilitate any changes.  

OTHER BUSINESS:  The Board briefly discussed the need to identify a new Events Committee chairperson for 2021. The Board was in agreement that this position requires a member with tour/event experience.  A couple of names were mentioned as potential candidates and the Board discussed bifurcating the tasks by having one person to handle tours and another to handle social events (meals, holiday parties, etc).  No action was taken at this time.

Brad is looking into purchase of GMR decals for distribution to members.

Carl moved and Brad seconded a motion to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Larson, Secretary

July 15, 2020 / Board Meeting Minutes

ATTENDING:  Carl Wulfestieg, Sandy Gilmour, Al Iuppa, Brad Kennison, Christina McCaffrey, Don Jones and Peggy Larson

WELCOME AND CATCH UP TIME:  Discussed the impact of the coronavirus virus on upcoming activities.  Carl talked about his recovery and we were all very happy to have him back!

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  The date for the August drive was changed to reflect only the actual tour on August 15th. The change was made to clarify that members who plan to stay at the Grey Ghost Inn or other hotels the prior night are doing so at their own choice. Members should note that hotel stays associated with this tour are not sponsored by PCA nor the Green Mountain Region. A motion to revise the June minutes to that effect was moved by Al and seconded by Brad.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  The monthly Constant Contact charge is $20 and has been paid.  There was no income this month.  $15,146.10 remains in the GMR bank account.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Brad reported that the Club has 8 lapsed members who are 90 days  past due on their PCA membership fees; this brings the total number of primary members down to 176.  Meanwhile, Jim Hemming (PCA membership chair) has indicated that, despite the Covid-19 situation that PCA membership levels are now back to normal.  Brad sent out 22 emails to members who had not renewed; only 2 responded.  Brad was able to learn that our Canadian members are challenged by the closed border and another member sold his car.  Another member from Woodstock advised that he has dropped out due to Covid-19 which has him working from home and not driving.  Several members were transferred to GMR from other regions had initially received erroneous zip codes from the PCA. 

Carl indicated that he has called lapsed members in the past and suggested it might be useful to divide up the “lapsed members” among the Board members so that individual calls could be made. No decision was taken by the Board.

Membership referral is the primary method for obtaining new members according to the PCA.  Other sources would be car dealerships, social media and PCA websites.

EVENT STATUS:  Again, Covid-19 has affected our events schedules. Duffy provided the following written update prior to the meeting:

The July 11th tour had a total of 9 cars, the journey began in Montpelier and wound its way to Windsor. While the start was in the rain by the midpoint the weather was considerably improved, and an enjoyable ride was had by all. The “print at home” waivers worked reasonably well.

The August 15th tour will be led by Bob Rubin and is still scheduled for Saturday, August 15. This ride will focus on some of the scenic roads of southern Vermont.  Further information will be found at the GMR website ( and in the Mountaineer newsletter.

The September 19th tour will be in the Burlington area. The route is still being planned.

The October Fall Foliage Tour and Annual Membership Meeting is planned for October 10th at Killington. The GMR bylaws require the club to hold its annual meeting in October, however Covid-19 could come into play. For example, state restrictions on the number of permitted attendees and/or a reluctance by members to attend in the current environment. Al suggested that the Board do some contingency planning to ensure compliance with the bylaws.

Carl also reminded the Board that the Nominations Committee needs to be activated and operational well in advance of the Members Meeting.  GMR Bylaws, Section 9.01 Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee shall consist of five Members, as determined by the Board of Directors and chaired by the Immediate Past President, or in unavailable, a Past President designated by the Board.  No current officer shall serve as a member of the Nominations Committee.

The December 5th Holiday Party will take place at Hotel Vermont in Burlington.  Christina has checked into the cost which will be approximately $75 per person not including alcoholic beverages. As with the other 2020 club events Covid-19 could play havoc with the party. The final costs remain subject to revision and the Board briefly discussed continuing a past practice of offsetting a portion of the party’s cost from GMR cash position. vs  Clubregistration and MotorSportReg are the two sites available for use for tours.  Clubregistration is being used by more PCA groups.  It costs more but will fully refund any cancellation.  Both allow registration of attendees at the site of the drive.  Can either allow signature waivers by phone?  Covid-19 waivers are signed once a year.  Christina will check to see if MotorSportReg offers the same amenities as Clubregistration.  We will compare the two.

COMMUNICATIONS/SOCIAL MEDIA:  The GMR Facebook group continues to attract more participants and increased posting activity. PCA views the Region’s Facebook Groups as a member recruitment tool.


Prior to the Board meeting, Duffy advised that he would be stepping down as Events Chair at the end of 2020.  He made it abundantly clear that this decision has nothing to do with the GMR-PCA but rather it is the increasing workload for Bernie and Duffy.

The Board conducted a member survey via SurveyMonkey in early spring and had planned to share the results with GMR members at the Spring meeting. Unfortunately, the meeting had to be cancelled and the survey results have not yet been shared with the membership. Duffy queried whether we should consider sharing the results via the Mountaineer[AI1] 

Newsletter and the GMR website. Al indicated his comfort with using both tools as the information is not member specific or proprietary. Further, sharing information sooner rather than later could spark more interest in participation in club activities.  No Board members expressed a concern with doing so.

Respectfully submitted:

Peggy Larson, Secretary 

June 17, 2020 / Board Meeting Minutes


ATTENDING:  Carl Wulfestieg, Al Iuppa, Duffy Miller, Christina McCaffrey, Don Jones and Peggy Larson.   David Whittall was unable to log-in so Christina chaired the meeting in his absence.

WELCOME AND CATCH UP TIME:  Carl is back home from the hospital and talked with us briefly about his condition.  We were all very happy to see him.  He will spend the next month or two recovering and adjusting.

SECRETARY’S REPORT –  MAY MEETING:  Report accepted.  Duffy moved and Don seconded.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  PCA Membership refund –  $511.50.  $20 monthly fee paid to Constant Contact.  $15,166.10 in the GRM account.  The treasurer’s report was accepted.  Moved by David and seconded by Don.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  No report as Brad was unavailable for the meeting.

EVENT STATUS:  We are still following the Vermont State’s restrictions on gatherings.  The following are updates to the summer tour schedule.

            1)  The June tour was rescheduled to August 14th and will focus on southern Vermont.

            2)  The July Tour (July 11th) will focus on Windsor County.  The drive would start at Exit 7 in Berlin.  Due to the COVID-19, stops are uncertain. While no formal group lunch is planned Duffy is assembling a list of restaurants, picnic areas and local places of interest if small groups of members want to get together on their own. If so, members should contact restaurants to confirm availability and if possible make reservations ahead of time. The Precision Museum in Windsor is only open to small numbers of people at a time.  As with all PCA sanctioned tours we will need to follow PCA protocols. These include the usual PCA disclaimer forms and driver’s meeting; all done in accordance with the appropriate guidelines. Duffy is looking into the best means for doing so and will share the info in advance of the tour.  Al mentioned seeing a process for signing waivers on-line and will try to find it.  

            3)  The August Tour (August 15th) includes a drive and buffet and will focus on Southern Vermont.  The plans are still under consideration.

  • The September Tour (September 19th) is likely to take place in the greater Burlington area. The details are still under consideration.

            5)  The October Fall Foliage Tour and Member Meeting is planned for October 10th. The Club has booked facilities at Killington for the Member meeting.

            6)  The November tour is still in the planning stages.

            7)  The GMR Holiday party will take place on December 5th at the Hotel Vermont in Burlington.  Christina checked into the cost per person and was quoted $55 for the meal plus 11% tax and the service charge for a total of  $75 per person. This price does not include alcoholic beverages.  The Board briefly discussed the possibility of partially subsidizing the cost and will revisit the topic at a subsequent meeting.  Christina will check with Chuck Deslauriers about the room rates for members who may wish to spend the night.

COMMUNICATION/SOCIAL MEDIA:  The Group Facebook page continues to attract a few new members each month.  For the most part the participants are GMR PCA members although we have some PCA members from other regions as well as Porsche owners who are not PCA members and others from outside of Vermont.  

OTHER BUSINESS: The Board took note of the recent drive organized by Brad Kennison that attracted several cars. This was not a PCA sanctioned drive but rather a group of friends getting together for a ride.  In this instance, Brad utilized the Facebook page to publish the details. Per the GMR social media guidelines it was made clear that this is not a sanctioned event.  Given the need to cancel several formal events such rides are a great way to enjoy a drive while maintaining proper social distancing protocols.  Al reminded the Board that, as administrator of the Facebook page, he maintains editorial control over posts to ensure compliance with our social media guidelines. 

Respectfully Submitted:

Peggy Larson, Secretary 


ATTENDING:  Carl Wulfestieg, Al Iuppa, Sandy Gilmour, Brad Kennison, Duffy Miller, David Whitthall, Don Jones, Christina McCaffrey and Peggy Larson

WELCOME AND CATCH UP TIME:  Meeting delayed due to problems signing onto ZOOM.  Talked about the effect of coronavirus on each of us and the Porsche Club.  

SECRETARY’S REPORT – APRIL MEETING:  Report accepted.  Al moved and Sandy seconded.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  PCA Membership refund – $744.  $20 monthly fee paid to Constant Contact.  $14,674.60 in the GMR account.  The treasurer’s report wass accepted.  Moved by Duffy and seconded by David.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Brad reported that the Green Mountain Region gained 5 new members and 1 transfer since the last meeting.  Membership does not seem to have been affected by the coronavirus.  However, 5 GMR members have let their membership lapse (over 90 days).  PCA National suggested a more personal touch to keep and acquire new members.  We now have 181 primary members and 117 affiliate members, bringing the total membership to 298.  Carl volunteered to reach out to lapsed members.  Brad noted that he will take a picture of the new GMR tablecloth and tent for use in the Mountaineer and our website.  The photo will also be sent to each of the Board members.  


     A)  Currently Planned Events:  Carl noted that the State’s restrictions are still in place and are expected to be in place until June 15.  However, groups larger than 10 are still discouraged. 

     B)  Duffy noted the following updates to the summer tour schedule.

              a.  The June tour was previously rescheduled to August 14th and 15th and will focus on southern Vermont.  Accommodations have been arranged at the Grey Ghost Inn for members interested in spending the night.

               b.  The July Tour (July 11th) was originally to be organized by Rick and Val but circumstances have arisen resulting in Duffy now taking the lead.  Val has forwarded their planning documents to Duffy.  At present, the drive will focus on Windsor County with stops at the American Precision Museum and lunch at Windsor Station.  A fair amount of discussion on the practical aspects of doing a tour event in COVID19 times.

                c.  Plans for August are still under consideration.

                d.  The September Tour (September 19th) is currently without a leader but options are       

 being considered.

                e)  The October Fall Foliage Tour and Member Meeting is planned for October 10th.  Peter and Ellen Arnold will be working with Duffy on tour route with the meeting taking place at the Killington Resort assuming the catering contract is signed on May 27th.  The Board agreed that the lunch will be a sandwich buffet with corn chowder.  

               f.  The GMR Holiday Party is planned for December 5th at the Hotel Vermont in Burlington.  The particulars will be shared once the details are set.  Christina will be reaching out to the hotel.

        C)  Christina advised the Board that the August Antique and Classic Car show in Waterbury, VT has been cancelled for 2020.

        D)  Dave Whitthall has been contacted by the organizers of the Chester VT “Wheels in the Field” .  At present, the event is still scheduled to take place from October 2nd through the 4th.  It is important to note that this is not a sponsored event by either the PCA or the GMR.  Nonetheless, the Board brainstormed some possible options for participation by GMR members such as a Porsche Day.      

 COMMUNICATION/SOCIAL MEDIA:  Activity continues on the GMR FaceBook group page as well as the GMR website.  In regard to the website, we posted a number of links for members to check out – a virtual tour of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, the Porsche News – Races in the World.  He also mentioned his ongoing participation on the PCA’s social media FaceBook Group and reported that most of the Regions are looking for creative virtual opportunities to engage members.

OTHER BUSINESS:  Al reported on the recent PCA webinar on gimmick rallies.  The program was thorough and very interesting.  The presentation should be available soon on the PCA website and is worth a review.  The range of rally gimmicks is limited only by one’s imagination although some of the more complicated can require more volunteers than a traditional tour.  A particular benefit is the fact that the larger Porsches and SUVs can easily participate.  Carl shared his experiences with the “covered bridges gimmick rally” that was held during the Jay Peak Porsche Parade.  Al broached the idea of conducting a gimmick rally for our September event and will work with Duffy to determine feasibility, etc.

Given the COVID19 situation and the potential for further event cancellations, Brad suggested small group drives in different localities.  These would have to be self starting events as well as informal.  The GMR FaceBook page could be used to seek participants.  Rather than a planned lunch or other stop, participants could chose to bring a lunch or even skip the stop.  Regardless, it will be important to make clear that these rides are not sponsored nor endorsed by the PCA and/or the GMR to avoid liability issues.

Carl updated the group on his ongoing health issues and advised the Board that he intends to take a leave of absence for surgical procedure and recovery.  In his absence, Vice President David Whitthall will assume Carl’s position and responsibilities. 

 Carl adjourned the meeting.  Moved by Don and seconded by Brad.

Respectfully submitted:

Peggy Larson, Secretary

April 15, 2020

ATTENDING:  Carl Wulfestieg, Al Iuppa, Sandy Gilmour, Brad Kennison, Duffy Miller, David Whitthall, Don Jones, Christina McCaffrey and Peggy Larson

WELCOME:  Chatted about the coronavirus and future meetings. 

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Approved and accepted.  Al moved and David seconded.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  $13,893.19 in the GMR account.  Due to the coronavirus leading to cancelled meetings, the Motorsport fee will be kept as a credit.  The treasurer’s report is accepted.  David moved and Sandy seconded.


a) The Zone 1 Presidents’ teleconference will take place on April 18, 2020.  Al and Brad will join Carl on the call.  Al noted that the document listing social media engagement by each region needs to be corrected for GMR.

b) Activities are on hold due to the social distancing from COVID19.  Vermont is pretty much closed down through June 1 with hotels/motels restricted to reservation making through June 15.  The Board agreed to wait and see what is allowed by the State due to the virus before moving forward with events.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Brad reported we have 179 primary members and 114 affiliate members as of April 1st for a total of 293..  The total is 293.  There were 5 lapsed memberships.  Brad has reached out to these lapsed members.  He also talks with new members about the Club.  PCA National has a 5% decrease in new member referrals.  

STATUS OF THE SURVEY MONKEY:  The link has been sent and there were 2 to 3 new responses.  We will keep the site open.  Brad will ask new members to respond.  To date, the response rate is about 30% of the members.  Al noted the importance of sharing a high level summary of results with the membership.  Duffy will try to put together such a summary for inclusion in the Mountaineer and the GMR website. 

EVENTS AND PLANNING UPDATES:   At present, event planning is difficult due to the coronavirus and state imposed conditions.  At present, all activities scheduled in May have been cancelled and the June Tour may be postponed to August (See below).  The Board discussed the possibility of a light drive in June although most thought that attendance would be small.  There might be practical problems associated with physical distancing with waiver signing and wrist bands processes which require close contact.  There would likely be stronger participation in August.  If we did a small drive, we could meet at a coffee shop.

July 11, 2020 – Rick and Val are organizing the Windsor tour.  This tour will include a visit to the American Precision Museum with lunch at the Windsor Station Restaurant.  The cost will be $25 for lunch and $ 5 for the museum with registration via Motorsport.reg.  

August 8 or 15, 2020 – We have cancelled reservations being held for June at the Gray Ghost in Dover and new arrangements are being explored.  We could possibly move the Dover drive to August 8 or August 15, 2020.  But we have to wait to see which businesses will be open and when.  The Dover drive will include an overnight stay for those interested.  Rob Rubin will be leading the drive.

August also has the Vermont Antique and Classic Car Show at Waterbury on the 9th, 10th and 11th.  Not limited to classic cars.  This year will feature antique tractors.  We could set up our tent and table with the new tablecloth.  

September 19, 2020 – Dave Kynor is working out the details for a hosted picnic and tour.

October 10, 2020 – The Sugarbush Resort is not available on our preferred date.  There was some consideration to moving the drive to an earlier date since going later may run into some “winter like” weather in the mountains.  Carl will check the Killington resort to determine if they have  availability.

COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL MEDIA:  Al noted that the GMR Facebook group has 55 members with some limited posting activity but views are fairly robust.

Carl adjourned the meeting.  Moved by Al and seconded by Sandy.

Respectfully submitted:

Peggy Larson, Secretary

March 18, 2020 – Board Meeting Minutes

ATTENDING:  Carl Wulfestieg, Al Iuppa, Brad Kennison, Sandy Gilmour, Duffy Miller, David Whitthall, Christina McCaffrey and Peggy Larson

WELCOME:  Chatted about our lives, the coronavirus and the effect it is having on restaurants, schools, store and on essentials.  Meeting took place on ZOOM.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Approved and accepted.  Al moved and Sandy seconded.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  The holiday party incurred costs  of $1,372.20 to date.  Other expenditures will bring the total to $1,814.17  This creates a deficit of $441.97.  The Board expected to partially subsidize the cost of the party and this amount was about as expected.  The GMR received a rebate of $581.00 from the PCA.  This brings GMR account to $13,913.90.  Treasurer’s report accepted.  Brad moved and David seconded.


a)  Carl reported that the President’s in-person meeting scheduled from March 27 to March 29, 2020 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus.  

b)  The meeting has not been rescheduled.  Apparently Zone 1 doesn’t do video conferences (e.g. ZOOM) which came as a surprise to everyone.  Carl noted that since these meetings often last an entire day, conducting them online is not the most practical alternative.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Brad updated the Board on GMRPCA membership numbers. We

began 2020 with 186 Primary and 117 Affiliate members. At present, GMR has 183 primary and 116 affiliate members.  This reflects the increase since early 2019 when we had 162 primary and 107 affiliate.  In order to stimulate interest, we need to be more visible at events, display and sell more PCA gear (items from PCA) and provide more information about the Club in the newsletter, website and GMR FaceBook group page.    The visual effects of the tablecloth and tent will attract attention.  Bringing the tent and table to events could be challenging because they are larger than many of our members’ Porsches.  

Al suggested that events, such as the Chester Car Show should provide us with a table if they want our participation.  Sandy requested photos of the tent and tablecloth for the newsletter.

The five copies of Panorama received by Christina will be used as a marketing tool to potential members.  

STATUS OF THE MEMBER SURVEY:  To date, 47 people have responded with everyone self-identifying.  A reminder will be sent to members that the survey will not be closed until the end of April so additional members can respond to the survey.  Duffy provided a cursory overview of the responses – in general, the membership expressed satisfaction with the Club’s direction and suggested some additional activities for the Board to consider.  Once the survey instrument is closed, Duffy will prepare a presentation of the results for the upcoming Spring Membership meeting on 2 May.

EVENTS AND PLANNING UPDATES:  The Spring Membership meeting will take place at the Capital Plaza in Montpelier on May 2, 2020.  If, due to the coronavirus, we need to cancel, the Plaza will accept a 10 day notice.  The lunch will cost $27.50 which includes all expenses.  The lunch menu will be an extensive deli buffet and beverages.

If 20 or more attend, the room rent will be free.  If less than 20 attend, a fee for the use of the  Montpelier room would be incurred.  Duffy is working with the hotel to determine the exact cost.  The Board is aware of the need for social distancing and felt the additional cost would be acceptable.   Should the GMR or the Plaza cancel because of the coronavirus, alternatives could be a picnic or brown bag lunch.

Summer and fall tours are still being planned.  A southern Vermont overnight tour, a Windsor area tour (suggested by Rick and Val) and an August or September tour planned by David Kynor are in the planning stages.  The Board is also exploring central Vermont options for the Fall meeting – among the possible sites are  Killington, Sugarbush, and Grafton.  The Board briefly discussed the efficacy of conducting meetings without associated tours; there was not much support for doing so.

David Whittall volunteered to obtain more information about the 3rd annual motorcycle and auto show in Chester, VT on October 10, 2020.  

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  The 2020 meeting is particularly important since elections will be held for  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The GMR by-laws provide for a Nomination Committee that consists of five Members, as determined by the Board of Directors and chaired by the Immediate Past President.  Current officers are precluded from serving on the Committee.  The Committee has to prepare a slate of officers for consideration by the membership at least 6 weeks in advance of the Annual Meeting.

COMMUNICATIONS/SOCIAL MEDIA:  Al reported that the GMR FaceBook group ( is now under the Club’s management.  At present, we have 45 group members accessing the page.  Al reminded everyone that posts, photos, etc. can be shared among the group.  He also noted that the GMR webpage has been updated to include links to the GMR FaceBook groups and Instagram accounts.

Carl adjourned the meeting.  Moved by Duffy and seconded by David.

Respectfully submitted: Peggy Larson, Secretary


ATTENDING:  Carl Wulfestieg, Al Iuppa, Sandy Gilmour, Duffy Miller, David Whitthall, Christina McCaffrey and Peggy Larson

WELCOME;  Chatted about our lives and the new year.  Meeting took place on  ZOOM.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Approved and accepted.  Al moved and David seconded.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Balance is $14,046.88.  The cost of the tablecloth and tent was $630.89. Treasurer’s report accepted.  Carl moved and Sandi seconded.


a)  Spring Zone President’s Meeting (27th to 29th March) – agenda not yet available.  A handbook is available for new incoming presidents.  Discussion is expected to focus on communication and how to bring members, regions, etc. together.  Carl plans to attend and the meeting is open to other directors interested in attending.  The other GMR directors to give some thought to any comments, complaints, etc. they might wish to convey at the Zone Presidents.  Any comments will be discussed at our March Board meeting. 

b) Carl noted the recent PCA Driver’s Ed webinar discusses updated DE rules and related items; the reality is that participation has decreased. David stated that there are likely a number of reasons including the lack of driving instructors, track availability, insurance and the attendant costs.  The level of interest in DE events among GMR members is speculative and the hope is that the upcoming member survey will serve as a gauge for measuring interest. Al suggested we post information in the Mountaineer, the webpage and the new Facebook group page. David Whitthall stated that we need more instructors and more places to hold events. There is a club track in northern New Hampshire that can be rented.  Also a track in Lebanon, NH area that rents for $250 for the weekend.  These need to be listed on our website or on our Facebook page or in the newsletter.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Brad was not present to present the report.

SURVEY MONKEY STATUS:  Mailing to members should have a due date.  Gives members perspective.  Best to do in the Newsletter and not on Facebook.  Will discuss further at the May meeting.


a)  Tours:  For the spring meeting and tour in May, the Capital Plaza hotel in Montpelier is the best option.  The Montpelier room holds 140 people and has two levels one of which could be used to hold the meeting and the other for the banquet.

There will be two tours, one from north to south and one from south to north, meeting in the middle – Montpelier.  Routes are still being determined.

The June tour will focus on southern Vermont.  The Grey Ghost Inn in West Dover costs $102 per night.  The July and August tours are being planned by David Kynor.  October 10, 2020 is the date for the fall meeting.

b)  The holiday party is planned to be held in Hotel Vermont on December 5, 2020.  Still in the planning stage.

c)  Chester is basically designed for motorcycles but older cars and Porsches are shown there also.  Could be part of a future tour.

COMMUNICATIONS AND SOCIAL MEDIA:  Al provided a summary of the actions taken to date for the GMR to assume oversight of the region’s social media activities including the GMR Facebook page.  

  1. Stephen Restelli agreed to have the GMR Board assume management of the GMR Facebook page.   
  2. Decision Items
  • Should the Facebook page be set up as a private or public page? A public page allows anyone to view and post on the page. A private page allows for anyone to view the landing page but only approved members are able to post and view posts to the page. Membership to the FB page will require approval by the GMR moderator.  A scan of other PCA regions indicated that most seem to go with the private option.
  • Al explained that he used the PCA template for the GMR’s proposed social media guidelines. As drafted and circulated to the Board they do not allow for classified ads, the rationale for doing so is the added workload for the moderator. This issue can be revisited by the Board at a later time after we have some experience using the Facebook page. The Board had a robust discussion on the use of Facebook generally and the prohibited items listed in the guidelines. Sandy raised a concern that some of the prohibitions might raise “free speech” concerns.  Al noted that the PCA template reflects significant work and the experience gained by the PCA regions; as an authorized region GMR has a duty to limit potential liability risks to PCA and GMR and that the guidelines provide a roadmap for the site moderator. 
  • Al moved that the GMR Facebook page be managed as a private page. The motion was seconded by Sandy and passed unanimously.
  • Al moved that the proposed guidelines be adopted as drafted. The motion was seconded by David and passed on a 7-1 vote. The no vote was cast by Sandy. 

Carl adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted, Peggy Larson, Secretary

Board Meeting Minutes January 15, 2020

ATTENDING:  Carl Wulfestieg, Al Iuppa, Sandy Gilmour, Duffy Miller, Brad Kennison, Don Jones and Peggy Larson

WELCOME:  Chatted about the Christmas party and the upcoming new year.  Met on ZOOM.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Minutes included the November 2019 Board Meeting and the 2019 Christmas Party informal meeting.  Approved and accepted.  Al moved and Sandy seconded.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Christina was absent due to a conflict.  

ZONE 1 UPDATE:  Prior to the meeting, Carl circulated the Zone 1 Fall meeting minutes.  Among the highlights was a discussion of the Zone 1 Driver Education program and how to counter declining participation;  membership attraction and retention; Autocross and other Zone 1 activities.  Al noted a reference to the Haggerty Drive Share Program.  The program is designed as a way for PCA members to rent another member’s Porsche for a short period, enabling members to have a Porsche to drive upon reading a travel destination.There will be a driver’s education course at Watkin’s Glen from June 12 to June 14, 2020.  

Carl reminded the Board that he had forwarded the invitation for an upcoming PCA webinar to be held on January 21st; the webinar is “RegionFocus Webinar #23 PCA New Region Presidents 101”.  The program will cover a range of issues of concern to Region Presidents.  Carl noted that participation is open to all Region Board members.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Brad stated in a monthly summary report that the previous month’s activity showed we acquired 4 new members in December and there were 2 lapsed member.  There are a total of 186 members at the end of December with associates and affiliates bringing the total to 303.  Regional newsletter tracking revealed a growth of 12% in 2019.

Sandy asked where these new members were coming from and why are they joining.  He suggested surveying these members.  Brad calls most new members because member referral is so important.  There are 600 Porsches in Vermont.  70% of the new Porsches are 4-doors.  We have 180 in our Club which is 30% of the total owners.  60% do not belong to the Club.  Where are these Porsches in Vermont?  They could be reached by buying a mailing list from the DMV, advertising for new members, contacting dealers, or using social media such as FaceBook.  Al offered to use FaceBook.

Clubs can win awards for growth.  Primary members can add family and friend members.  Events for PCA Juniors include families.  These events could include having cars to look and learn about.  Porsche Corrals events include grouping together other makes of cars cars along with Porsches. Porsche decorated tablecloths and a canopy tent at Porsche and other car events would alert visitors to the Porsche brand.  Brad suggested that GRM purchase a tablecloth and canopy tent with the Porsche logos.  Al made a motion to purchase these items if the cost does not exceed $500 and Don Jones seconded it.  The motion was adopted by the Board.

As a follow-on to the membership discussion, Al agreed to look into incorporating social media tools into the Region’s membership initiatives.  The first step is to determine if the responsibility for an existing GMR Facebook groups page an be transferred from current group leader to official GMR oversight.

SURVEY MONKEY:  Still being processed.

2020 EVENTS:  The 2020 spring meeting will be held on May 2 at the Capital Plaza in the Ethan Allen Room from noon until 4:00 pm.  A deli lunch is planned.  The meeting will be preceded by two tours, with one beginning in Southern Vermont (for example, Bennington) and one from a northern location.

June 13, 2020, a tour of southern Vermont is being planned by Rob Rubin.  Rob is working with the Grey Ghost Inn in W. Dover for breakfast and the tour.  Overnight stays will cost $102 per room.

July and August are still being planned.

September 8, 2020, Dave Kynor will host a picnic at his house and a tour will take place.  More information will follow at a later date.

October 10, 2020 will be the date of our fall meeting.  The place and time are still being planned.  Sugarbush is being considered.

November and December are still in the planning stage.


Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Larson, Secretary 

Board Meeting Minutes November 20, 2019

ATTENDING:  Carl Wulfestieg, Al Iuppa, Sandy Gilmour, Christina McCaffrey, Duffy Miller, Brad Kennison, David Whitthall and Peggy Larson

WELCOME:  We met on ZOOM because of the inclement weather.  Carl called the meeting to order.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Minutes included the October Board Meeting on October 16, 2019 and the GMR Annual meeting on October 5, 2019.  Approved and accepted.  Duffy moved and Sandy seconded.  Consistent with the recent bylaw change, the minutes will be posted on the GMR website.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  We have $14,025.35 in our account as of the end of October.  Checks have been sent to people who sponsored events.  We have received no PCA funds this month.  Some of this money will be allotted for Christmas party expenses.  Approved and accepted.  Sandy moved and David seconded.

FACE TO FACE BOARD MEETING:  Cancelled due to the weather.  We will re-schedule when the weather is more predictable.

2019 EVENTS REMAINING ON CALENDAR:  The Holiday Party is scheduled for December 7, 2019 at the Capitol Plaza in Montpelier, pricing being $50 exclusive of MSR charge.  No charge for wine and beer at the mixed drink bar.  The $225.00 set-up charge will be discounted if more than $250.00 is paid by the guests.  Chips, dips and veggies will be served prior to the dinner.  The time for the event is still under consideration.  We may have a Board meeting prior to the festivities.

Additional events, multi-day events, winter gatherings and other get-togethers need to be planned for the new year.  Carl mentioned the possibility of a Board “retreat” to discuss the best way to achieve these events.

COMMITTEE MAKE-UP AND ASSISTANCE FOR CHAIRS:  Duffy Miller is Chairman of the Events Committee and he stated that the best help has come from volunteers, not members of any committee.  He posed the question that perhaps  committees build participants for future Board positions, tours and events.  The Events Committee and other Committees should work together to organize these activities.  Perhaps a new Committee – a Social Committee – should be organized.  Larger clubs have more committees.  Duffy will need assistance this summer as he is working.  He will also need more assistance if more events or event changes occur.  

Brad Kennison, Chair of the Membership Committee, will discuss more on membership recruitment at the next meeting.  He has also engaged with PCA’s Membership chair and has received insights on best practices for attracting new members.  For example, PCA National has found that membership referral is the best way to recruit new members.

SURVEY MONKEY:  Duffy explained the current status of the membership survey and noted that he will review and update the questions before sending them to the Board for final approval.  He emphasized the need for short turn around time for the Board review.  Sandy indicated that he can generate a data file that Duffy can use to incorporate into the Survey Monkey process for distributing the survey to members.  Al expressed support for the survey project and the need to gather data soon to inform 2020 planning.

SPONSORSHIP OR USE OF EXCESS FUNDS: Carl posed a query about the Board considering making contributions to other non-profit groups.  For example, he suggested that Board members check out the UVM Alternative Energy Racing Organization.  The AERO is a student-run club at the University of Vermont that designs and builds electric and hybrid vehicles to compete at Formula Hybrid, an international collegiate competition.  Christina noted that the Vermont Auto Enthusiasts organization has a program with the Vermont Tech Centers that also works with young people interested in the automobile trades.  Al mentioned that we may want to consider donating to some “more social” organizations such as food banks, etc.  Carl mentioned that the Club has previously contributed to the Vermont Food Bank.  No actions were taken but Carl asked that the Board to come back with thoughts and other ideas.

OTHER BUSINESS:  Carl will work with the Capitol Plaza Hotel to finalize the details for the Christmas Party.

Respectfully submitted, Peggy Larson, Secretary

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – October 16, 2019

ATTENDING VIA Zoom:  Directors attending were Carl Wulfestieg, Christian, McCaffrey, David Whitthall, Duffy Miller, Don Jones, Sandy Gilmour and Peggy Larson

WELCOME:  Carl called the meeting to order.  

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Approved and accepted.  Duffy moved and Sandy seconded.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Two reimbursement checks have been received.  Waiting for two more to cover Dave Kynor and Stu Friedman.


We will have a face to face Board meeting on November 20, 2019 at 6:30 pm at Sarducci’s restaurant, 3 Main Street, Montpelier, VT.

The Holiday Party will be held on December 7, 2019 at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Montpelier, VT.  The cost will be approximately $54.07 excluding the MSR charges.  Excess money in the treasury account may be used to pay about $5.00 per person, bringing the total down to around $50 each.  David made a motion to use this money for the meal and Sandy seconded it.

The formalization of the selection of Brad Kennison as Membership Chairman was formalized.  National will be contacted so that Brad will receive their reports.  Moved by Carl and seconded by Sandy.

A motion to have Brad as an at large Board member was proposed.  David moved and Peggy seconded and all agreed that Brad will be selected.


Events planning was discussed.  We need more people from different areas of Vermont with different experiences to assist with the events planning.  It was suggested that we put out a letter asking for volunteers.  Expanding road trips to include overnights was also discussed.  Dave Whitthall volunteered to help Duffy with planning the road trips.  We discussed pre-planning the events with dates and times for each months in 2020.  Knowing the dates might help get more people interested in planning these tours.

Driving events such as autocross and driver training events were also discussed.  Depending on the event, additional insurance will be needed.  Zone 1 does Watkins Glenn annually.  Rallies would be another possibility to increase the interest in the Club.  Rallies do not need extra insurance.

Sandy brought up the question of what to do with the extra money in the treasury.  The Club has donated to the Food Bank and the Senior Center in Woodstock in the past.  We could also sponsor a car show.  We could cover a driving event.  The Club has few expenses – communication and the President’s meeting (travel expenses and 2 nights at a motel) which is sometimes covered by Zone 1.  It would be better to have two people attend the  President’s meeting as the agenda is diverse.  Discussed are happenings in the Club, Bylaws, driving events, webinars and membership drives.  Based on the agenda, other Board members could attend.   A resolution was proposed to pay for the motel, one meal and mileage.  Motion to fund was moved by Duffy and seconded by David.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Larson, Secretary 


ATTENDING:  Directors attending were Carl Wulfestieg, Christina McCaffrey, Sandy Gilmour, Duffy Miller, and Peggy Larson. Additionally, over 50 GMR members were in attendance.

WELCOME:  Carl welcomed everyone to the FALL FOLIAGE TOUR AND ANNUAL MEETING at the Public House Restaurant in Quechee, VT.  The day was beautiful and the fall foliage was colorful.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Approved  and accepted.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  The balance in the Club account is $14,645.35.  Total deposits were $4,393.50 and total expenses were $2,983.  Sources of income were the PCA and events.  Expenses were communications and events.


  • Carl remarked that our membership numbers are at an all time high and he would like to be sure we are engaging the broad membership spectrum.  As an example he suggested the possibility of having shorter tours but doing so more frequently. Each tour would have a different leader and would arrive at different restaurants and would be limited to a manageable 20 cars.
  • Duffy Miller, Chair of the Events Committee to the opportunity to note that the Committee hopes to have dates for the 2020 tours set by early 2020 to allow for as much notice as possible.  He also asked for tour leader volunteers and provided a high level explanation of what is involved.
  • Carl also took the opportunity to acknowledge your 2019 tour leaders (Duffy Miller, Al Iuppa, Stu Friedman, Dave Kynor and Pete Arnold) as well as hosting a BBQ in September.
  • Brad Kennison has agreed to serve as the Chair of the Membership Committee.  Approval by the Board is the final step.
  • Carl explained the recent effort to revise the GMR Bylaws. This initiative was prompted by the need to better align with the PCA bylaws.  The proposed changes were provided to all GMR members via the Mountaineer newsletter as well as the GMR website. No questions were forthcoming and adoption of the revised bylaws was moved by Al Iuppa and Bob Costella.  The motion was approved by voice vote of the members present. No negative votes were expressed. The Bylaws are available the GMR website.
  • There was no further business and a motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved

Respectfully submitted, Peggy Larson, Secretary

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