May 5 – New Members Welcome and Spring Meeting

Event Details

Spring Forward Saturday May 5!

Our first tour and gathering will be Saturday, May 5 in Montpelier. Cinco de Mayo! It’s the spring new members’ meeting to welcome in those who have joined over the last number of months, to have a great lunch, and of course, tour Vermont countryside around the beautiful state capital.

Plan on arriving at the Capital Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Montpelier around 10 a.m. The meeting starts at 10:30 during which we will welcome new members, invite them to speak about what craziness drew them to these vehicles and this club, hear from anyone who wishes to comment on any Porsche related subject mechanical or poetical, and hear reports from your Board officers including info on upcoming events.

Then a great buffet lunch at noon, followed by a fun loop tour, circling north and then back to Montpelier. About 60-70 miles, just enough to see how mechanically fit the autos will be for the rest of the season!

Please sign up asap on Motorsportreg so we can tell the hotel how many lunches to plan on. Yes, it’s 6 or 7 weeks away but Carl is in negotiations and needs to know what to plan for. (For those who are new, we use Motorsportreg for event registration and meals – pay online.)

Events chair Carl Wulfestieg has reserved a few rooms at the Capital Plaza Hotel and Conference Center for those who would like to come up the night before. Several of us are doing that .. it would be nice to get together for dinner! As we get closer to the date, we can email around to see who wants to join in Friday night, May 4.

So yes, plenty of snow but the good Porsche lords willing, it will melt, it will be warmer, and there WILL be a May!

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